£500 Apprenticeship Bursary

The One-To-One Mentoring Service allows young people to access advice relating to employment, education, applications and more.

About the mentorship service

The One-To-One Mentoring Service allows young people to access career and education advice which can include job searching, application writing, interview skills and more.

Individuals can regularly meet Targeted Youth Service Advisors in-person or online to ensure they feel confident and prepared for the next stage of their career.

Additional support is provided alongside this service, including wellbeing guidance.

Who is the mentorship service for?

To access this service, you must be an apprentice between 16-25 years old and live in Harlow or Tendring.

How can I apply?

To apply, please call 0333 032 0934, email acl.yfm@essex.gov.uk or sent a message via our contact page.

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£500 Apprenticeship Bursary

If you’re a young person seeking financial support, we can offer a £5000 bursary for those who have secured an apprenticeship. This can cover the cost of equipment, travel and more.

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