Our Strategy.

We have developed a new ACL strategy because lifelong learning matters. It is a way of telling the ACL story, with a clear focus on who we are supporting, where we are doing it, and how we deliver our courses. As a service we need to be ambitious, sustainable, and continue to make a difference to people’s lives.

Our strategy has a strong focus on levelling up which is important to us for financial and economic reasons, but there is also a strong argument that a person’s potential should not be defined by where they live or their past academic experiences. We believe that individuals can define their own destiny, and that ACL plays a role in helping people do that.


You can find out more about our strategy in the booklet embedded below.

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Who Are ACL Essex?

ACL Essex is the largest provider of adult education in the county. Our aim is to provide learners with as many ways to flourish as possible, to be there in communities across Essex, to make a difference to residents and businesses, so they can make a difference for themselves and to the places that they live in.

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