Family Learning – Safety Comes First

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Family First Aid

You will learn a range of family first aid skills from being able to save someone’s life to dealing with minor injuries found in the family home. This is a ‘hands on’ practical course where you will be able to spend time learning this vital skill.

Course outcomes include:

  • to develop and increase confidence in performing lifesaving skills
  • to develop and increase confidence in dealing with accidents in the home
  • to be able to use the contents of their First Aid box correctly

Key information:

  • Age: 0-16 years
  • Length: 2 or 10 hours
  • Delivery Model: Partly joint or adult only
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An online e-Safety training course specifically designed for parents and carers.
It will give you an introduction to e-Safety and raise your awareness of:

  • The risks to children
  • The Internet predator
  • Inappropriate and illegal images/content
  • Cyberbullying
  • Identity theft
  • Steps you can take to protect your children
  • Where to go for help if you need it

Key information:

  • Age: 0-16 years
  • Length: Maximum of 2 hours
  • Delivery Model: Adults only
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What to do next

For more information about Family Learning courses running across Essex, please call Zoe Mallett (North) 03330 321372 or Melissa Williamson (South) on 03330 321597