We offer a range of language courses and FREE ONLINE workshops, whether you want to learn a new language for fun, holidays or work.

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Why choose these courses?

Our courses give you the opportunity to learn foreign languages while providing specialist tutor support. You will be able to connect with others in the classroom while improving your language skills.

  • experience first class tutors and resources
  • improve your mental health and wellbeing
  • social mobility and social prescription
  • study with friends, make new friends

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What will I be learning?

On our languages courses you will learn to:

  • Understand a number of everyday situations
  • Understand what someone is saying, recall vocab and grammar, put that vocab and grammar into the correct context to respond
  • Increase confidence conversing in the target language
  • Consolidate conversation skills to become independent in the target language
  • Develop a cultural awareness
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How will I learn?

  • Learners will engage in active learning: role-plays, activities, games, pair and group work, peer assessments, projects and much more
  • Lessons are learner-centred
  • Individual study (homework)

Winter Short Courses

These short courses are ideal for anyone looking to try a different language before enrolling on a longer course!

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Feedback from Learners…

“The pace of the lessons was just right and challenging with interesting resources”

Feedback from Learners…

“I found the course stimulating and there was a good mix of listening and speaking”

Feedback from Learners…

“I have enjoyed all aspects of the course, it has been a good grounding in grammar, particularly use of past, present and future tenses”

Feedback from Learners…

“Lessons are structured and varied. Grammar is mixed with conversation and listening”

Feedback from Learners…

“I enjoy learning in a supportive environment”

Feedback from Learners…

“The course is well structured and thought out. Most importantly our tutor makes it fun”

Feedback from Learners…

“We have enjoyed lively, well-prepared lessons with a variety of presentations”

Feedback from Learners…

“The opportunity to progress to the next stage in the learning process of Spanish. Not only learning the language but also about customs in Spain”

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How to enrol

How we are moving towards a sustainable curriculum

Explore new ways to be environmentally friendly and sustainable whilst developing your skills with others in a range of intriguing subject areas. This includes discovering the wonderful world of traditional crafts and thrift crafts that incorporate elements of sustainability.

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