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Why choose Computer Science?

Computers are changing every part of our lives at an ever increasing rate – why not drive the future?

In our computer science GCSE you will:

  • Experience programming and making new software
  • Find out how hackers attack computers
  • Discover how computers work
  • Solve logical problems

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Additional courses

IT Coding Projects using Python
This course is for anyone wishing to learn basic programming skills. You will learn how to create simple programs, including games and animation using Python software. This course is suitable for confident computer users.

Intro To GCSE Computer Science
This session will provide a clear overview of the range of topics you would learn on our GCSE Computer Science course.

Principles Of Cyber Security L2

This distance learning course is a key starting point for anyone looking to begin their career in cyber security. In an increasingly digital world, cyber security is fast becoming a main concern for many organisations. With complex online scams and cybercrime, it’s essential that organisations have an understanding of preventative measures to maintain cyber security, including techniques and security checks needed to store data securely.


Want to see more digital courses? Have a look at our Digital Skills IT courses and our European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) courses.

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How to enrol

Further details, including course information sheets, are available through the full list of courses.

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