Technical Support – Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

In this section, you will be able to learn about our Virtual Learning Environment and understand the tools and features that can be used to support your learning.

What is a Virtual Learning Environment?

The VLE in an educational platform that combines all digital aspects of courses of study where you can engage with other learners and your tutor by using resources, activities, and interactions.

What can you access from it?

  • Collaboration through sharing files, emails, messages, and blogs
  • Assessments including quizzes and tools supporting presentation of projects
  • Monitor course progress
  • Live video calls with other learners and your tutors

Our VLE has been created to be as accessible as possible.

  • How to search for a course
  • How to enrol on a course
  • Equipment and software you need to access our online courses
  • Online course etiquette
  • What is a VLE?
  • How to access our VLE
  • Accessing your Microsoft Teams Live session on our VLE
  • Finding your way around your courses on our VLE
  • What is Microsoft Office 365?
  • How to access your Office 365 account
  • What is Microsoft OneDrive file sharing?
  • Getting started with your OneDrive account
  • What is Microsoft Teams?
  • Getting started with your Teams account