Important information when attending a course

Below you will find a range of important information that may be of use during your studies.

When you enrol

Proof of ID & Confirmation of Residency Eligibility

If you are attending an assessment session for a course that leads to a qualification you will need to bring along proof of your identify from the following list.  Unfortunately, If you do not bring proof of your ID you will not be able to enrol on the course.

Group 1

Provide one of the following photo ID documents & associated additional documents

Document Notes Additional Documents


Passport Any current & valid passport Plus a document from

Group 3

Biometric residence permit Plus a document from

Group 3

*Current valid driving license photo card Full or provisional
HM Forces ID card Plus the document(s) from

Group 2 & one from Group 3

EU National ID card


Must still be valid


Plus the document(s) from

Group 2 & one from Group 3

* if driving license does not show:

·      current home address please include relevant document from group 3

·      current name please include relevant document from group 2                      



Group 2


 If you do not hold any of the photo ID documents from Group 1 the following document(s) & associated additional documents must be provided

Document Notes Additional Documents Required
Birth certificate and
if married, marriage certificate/civil partnership certificate
Plus one document from Group 3


Group 3

Document Notes Issue date and validity
Mortgage statement UK or EEA Issued in last 12 months
Bank or building society statement UK and Channel Islands or EEA Issued in last 3 months
Bank or building society account opening confirmation letter UK Issued in last 3 months
Credit card statement UK or EEA Issued in last 3 months
Financial statement, for example pension or endowment UK Issued in last 12 months
P45 or P60 statement UK and Channel Islands Issued in last 12 months
Council Tax statement UK and Channel Islands Issued in last 12 months
Work permit or visa UK Valid up to expiry date
Letter of sponsorship from future employment provider Non-UK or non-EEA only – valid only for applicants residing outside of the UK at time of application Must still be valid
Utility bill UK – not mobile telephone bill Issued in last 3 months
Benefit statement, for example Child Benefit, Pension UK Issued in last 3 months
Central or local government, government agency, or local council document giving entitlement, for example from the Department for Work and Pensions, the Employment Service, HMRC UK and Channel Islands Issued in last 3 months
These documents are required to ensure each learner on a course that leads to a qualification meets the residency criteria to receive funding from the Government.  It will also enable ACL to issue a College ID card and register the learner for any relevant examinations.

Letter from head teacher or college principal

UK – for 19-year olds previously in full time education – only used in exceptional circumstances if other documents cannot be provided


These documents are required to ensure each learner on a course that leads to a qualification meets the residency criteria to receive funding from the Government.  It will also enable ACL to issue a College ID card and register the learner for any relevant examinations.



Learning Agreement
All our courses are subsidised by the Education & Skills Funding Agency. In order to receive this funding, we must provide specific and accurate information about you and your course. We do this by sending you a learning agreement.  If you have provided your mobile number or email address you will receive a link to access your learning agreement.  Please ensure you check and confirm the details are correct.

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When attending a course

Mobile phones

Please switch off mobile phones during lessons except with the prior agreement of the course tutor.

Supporting your Learning

We recognise that adult learners come from widely varying backgrounds and are at different stages of their lives. We know you bring considerable knowledge, skills and experience to your learning and we aim to help you build on this. If you have a disability, learning difficulty or medical condition such as diabetes, epilepsy etc, we hope you will tell us about it. If you agree, we can work with you to put together a personalised package of support.  We can support you with English or maths to cope with course needs.

Types of support could include:

  • British Sign Language Communicator
  • Hearing loop or other aids for hearing impairment
  • Special exam arrangements such as extra time or exam papers in alternative formats
  • Extra help with assignments and coursework
  • One-to-one assistance in class  Enlarged print handouts or course material in alternative formats
  • Speech output or other assistive computer software

If you would like to discuss this in confidence, please let us know.

Term dates

Some of our courses run during term time, dates are shown below. However, courses that run throughout the year. You will be told course times by your tutor at the beginning of the course. Full term date information

Unable to attend class?

What happens if I cannot attend the first session or miss a week? If you miss the first session, please let us know and come along to the next session.  Your tutor will be notified and will keep course materials for you.  Please contact us if you are unable to attend a session of your course.  We need to show your attendance on your course so that we can continue to subsidise your learning.

If you are unable to attend a session… If you wish to let us know that you are unable to attend a lesson or session you can contact us in the following way, send us an email with your full name, course code and the specific lesson day/time you are unable to attend to

Class cancellations

We reserve the right to cancel courses that fail to recruit minimum numbers.  If this becomes necessary, we will contact you by post, telephone, email or text.  Please let us know if your contact details change. If after the first session you attend you decide the course is unsuitable, please contact reception.

It is not the policy of Essex County Council to refund fees automatically when a change in circumstances prevents or discourages a learner from continuing with a particular class.


If you are studying an accredited programme, there may be varied forms of assessment. Usually assessment will involve the production of written work (coursework). Your tutor will provide guidance about the format, style and content of the written assessment, including advice on how to use written sources (i.e. information from books, periodicals, articles, the internet etc.). It is very important not to copy sections of any written source that you use and pass it off as your own work. This is called “plagiarism”.

Plagiarism involves taking someone else’s words, thoughts or ideas and trying to pass them off as your own. It is a form of cheating which is taken very seriously.

Don’t think you won’t be caught; there are many ways to detect plagiarism.

  • Markers can spot changes in the style of writing and use of language.
  • Markers are highly experienced subject specialists who are very familiar with work on the topic concerned – they may have read the source you are using, (or even marked the essay you have copied from).
  • Internet search engines and specialised computer software can be used to match phrases or pieces of text with original sources and to detect changes in the grammar and style of writing or punctuation.
  • If your work is submitted and it is discovered that you have broken the regulations, one of the following penalties will be applied:
  • The piece of work will be awarded zero marks
  • You will be disqualified from that unit for the examination series in question
  • You will be disqualified from the whole subject for that examination series
  • You will be disqualified from all subjects and barred from entering again for a period of time.
  • If you have copied from another learner, they may also have the above penalties applied.
  • Your awarding body will decide which penalty is appropriate.


Course documentation 

These are the forms we ask you to complete and the purpose of each one:

Learning Agreement To get your details on our computer system so that we can contact you.
This form also triggers the funding for courses.  By law we have to get your signature for all the required information.


Individual Learning Plan. To help you plan your learning and recognise our progress and achievement.


Learner Satisfaction Surveys. To see if you are happy, and how we can improve our Service.  We are also required to do this by the inspection service and our funders.


Learner Support Fund/bursary fund application. If you are applying for financial help or additional learning support:  We are required to do this for funding and SFA audit purposes.


Learning Support Plan. This identifies the support we have agreed with you and is required for funding and SFA audit purposes.


Learner Welfare form and Safeguarding Risk Assessment



At the start of your programme with us we offer all learners the opportunity to complete a Learner Welfare form; your tutor will provide this. If you do feel that you are vulnerable and would like us to know more about you in order to support you, then your tutor will help you to complete the rest of the form. This will then be stored confidentially, and the information only used if needed.



Centre information

Fire Safety
If the fire bell rings, please leave the building immediately and congregate in the designated assembly area. Please report any defective fire fighting or warning equipment immediately to reception. Please ensure that fire doors are not wedged open and that their self-closing mechanisms are not tampered with in any way.

Please keep noise to a minimum, particularly when signs indicate an exam is taking place.
Smoking Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is not permitted inside any of our premises or at entrance/exit points of ACL buildings.

Exclusion policy
Full details of the ACL exclusion policy are available on request.
Examinations Venue disclaimer Please note, you may be required to travel to an alternative ACL Centre when taking your examination or assessment. This will be communicated to you at the earliest opportunity.

Adverse Weather Closure
In the event of extreme weather and the need to close the college, we broadcast updates through ACL facebook page: and on the radio: BBC Essex FM 103.5 or 95.3 or MW 765. You can also check the radio station website at:


Diversity and Equality

We respect all individuals regardless of their backgrounds, abilities or beliefs. This means we are committed to providing equal access to our services for all adult learners irrespective of race, age, ethnicity and culture, disabilities, learning difficulties, medical conditions, religion, sexual orientation, and gender. Adult Community Learning as part of Essex County Council seeks a society that is fair and inclusive. We will seek to uphold these values in our own dealings with the public.


We are committed to the fair and equal treatment of learners and staff on a day-to-day basis. This means that bullying, harassment, victimisation and discrimination in any form are unacceptable. Anyone found guilty of harassment of any kind will be subject to disciplinary measures, including possible exclusion.

Actual or threatened violence will be viewed as a serious offence and may lead to prosecution.  Anyone found to be under the influence of alcohol and / or illegal drugs will be asked to leave the premises and may be liable to prosecution.