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We offer a range of courses to help you improve your business and management skills. Part time learning offers the flexibility to progress towards a new and exciting career.

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Five Reasons to Study Business and Management

High job satisfaction

Start or develop your career in an industry which is regularly voted as having high job satisfaction. The hairdressing industry is voted as one of the best for job satisfaction across all careers.

Job security

Hairdressers are in high demand. If you’re looking to enter into an industry with a large number of jobs as well as the option to be self-employed, then the hairdressing industry may be the one for you!

Express your creativity

A career in hairdressing gives you the perfect opportunity to express your creativity and experiment with new ideas. Use your creativity to decide on styles for a range of face shapes and hair textures as well as your imagination to advise clients on the styles that would suit them.

Visit different places

A career in hairdressing can give you the option to travel to many different locations and venues as well as doing home visits for clients. Hairdressers are in demand worldwide, so you could find yourself a job anywhere!

Gain professional salon experience

Our hairdressing and barbering courses give you the experience of working in a professional salon and practising on real life clients, boosting your confidence in the workplace.

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