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Thrift Crafts

Vibrant pillow design

Start making a difference to our environment by engaging in a thrift craft where we focus on recycling, re-purposing and repairing to give old items a new lease of life. Raw materials are becoming more precious and therefore making use of what you already own to produce a beautiful craft object is more relevant than ever before. The benefits are far reaching including reducing objects going to landfill, keeping resource costs in producing crafts low, personal wellbeing in making a difference to the sustainability of our planet, raising awareness of ecology and the small steps everyone can take to conserve.

• Applique

• Art Silk Painting

• Embroidery

• Fashion Clothes Making

• Floristry

• Textiles

• Upholstery

Traditional Crafts

Woman making pottery

Discover the wonderful world of sustainable thrift crafts that have undergone a significant makeover throughout recent times. There is a huge joy in producing hand crafted objects, each with a unique quality that harks back to a previous era steeped in nostalgia. The wider benefits of crafting include developing and maintaining high manual dexterity, gaining understanding of design and creating something from raw, basic materials either for personal use, as gifts or to sell and gain new income.

• Floristry

• Model Aviation

• Pottery

• Print Making

• Silversmithing

• Stained Glass

• Woodturning

• Woodworking

Learner gallery

Painting equipment

Check out what our learners have been doing! If you’re part of our community, we would love to see your creations or pictures. Share them with us on social media or to be featured.

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Learner feedback

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Woodworking Interview with Mike

How we are moving towards a sustainable curriculum

Explore new ways to be environmentally friendly and sustainable whilst developing your skills with others in a range of intriguing subject areas. This includes discovering the wonderful world of traditional crafts and thrift crafts that incorporate elements of sustainability.

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