How we can support you

Financial Support

There are several options available to help reduce financial barriers to learning. Our teams are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Learning Support

Explore the variety of support services and essential information available to you as you embark on your academic journey with us.

Funding Guidance

ACL receives funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency to deliver courses to Essex residents. This funding could cover some or all the costs of your course depending on your circumstances or prior achievements.

Careers Guidance

Sometimes it’s hard to know what steps to take to move on in work and life. We can help with this.

Virtual Learning Environment

ACL Essex has its own Virtual Learning Environment where learners can access information and resources related to their subject at any time.

Learner Handbook

Before starting course, we recommend that you take the time to go through our Learner Handbook. It contains a wealth of valuable information about your course, including useful resources and the support services that are at your disposal.

Apprentice Handbook

Before beginning your apprenticeship, we strongly recommend taking the time to go through our Apprenticeship Handbook. It includes important details about your programme, helpful resources, and the services that are here to assist you.

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