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Why choose a Multiply course?

Multiply offers a wide range of beginner and advanced courses and qualifications. The duration of these courses can vary from just 2 hours to a few weeks. Additionally, some courses are available in the evenings and part-time, making it convenient for individuals with busy schedules.

You can start a Multiply course if you’re 19 or over and you do not have at least a grade 4 (previously grade C) in GCSE maths or qualifications at the same level.

If you think Multiply could help you get a job or access higher levels or training, you might be eligible regardless of the qualification you have.

Increase your confidence with numbers

help you use maths in everyday life, such as budgeting, cooking and gardening

lead to qualifications afterwards, such as functional skills and GCSEs

support you to progress in work or to higher levels of training

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