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Why choose a science course?

Science is an interesting and exciting subject that can teach you more about the world we live in. It is fast paced with new discoveries and developments happening all the time.

Whatever your reason is for enrolling on a science course, we are here to help you to achieve your goals.

Open up exciting career opportunities

Improve your soft skills

Gain a qualification

Stay up to date with scientific discoveries

Improve your soft skills

We’ve invested in £60,000 worth of new STEM equipment

Our new STEM equipment opens up exciting opportunities for us to expand our educational outreach into the community. This will involve conducting engaging activities and in-demand qualifications for a diverse range of groups across levelling up areas. Additionally, these resources will significantly enrich our laboratory and experimental spaces, benefiting our accredited GCSE science,  Access to HE, Family Learning,  and Health and Social Care programs.

We have invested in an assortment of anatomical models and simulators, enhancing the overall learning experience by providing our students with practical, hands-on resources. These resources empower our learners to explore and apply their knowledge in a tangible way.

We’ve taken steps to support our online and hybrid learners by creating home learning kits. For example, one of the GCSE Biology required for practical’s. This allows learners to pick up a kit from their local centre and complete the experiment at home, enabling them to participate in the same educational activities as their peers in the classroom.

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