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How is maths used for life?

Budgeting and finding the best deals

Managing your time and planning ahead

Measuring the correct quantity of medicines

Cooking, baking and buying ingredients

Measuring for DIY projects

How is maths used for work?

Hairdressing: Estimating hair lengths

Marketing: Deciding on the best way to show data

Decorating: Working out the materials needed for a project

Healthcare: Calculating medicine quantities

Childcare: Ensuring you have the correct staff ratio

Maths Courses

Maths Courses

Whatever your reason to improve your Maths skills, we can help! Our Maths courses are free to those who do not currently hold a grade C or 4 (or above) in this subject.

Multiply Courses

Multiply is a fully funded program to help support you, your family and community become more confident with maths and numeracy.

Free Downloads

Colour By Sums

The rise of adult colouring books has shown that time spent colouring can help you to unwind. Get creative and improve your maths skills at the same time.

Decision Dice

Whether you’re wondering what to have for dinner or what to do at the weekend, a decision dice can help! Write an option on each side of the dice and design as you wish.

Origami Dog

Have a go at this origami dog craft, all you need is a piece of paper and a pen to add decoration. Origami has benefits, including improved concentration and reduced stress.


Fill in the grid with numbers from 1 to 9. Each number should not be repeated in each vertical or horizontal line or in each of the smaller 3 by 3 grids marked out by the bolder lines.

Monthly Budget Planner

This monthly budget planner can help you to calculate the total amount of money you have coming in and going out each month.

Number Wordsearch

Calculate the sums and find the answer written in the wordsearch. Practice your maths and English skills at the same time with this number wordsearch.

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