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About the Digital Hub

We aim to help learners connect, collaborate and learn, as well as boost residents’ earning potential with new Digital Skills courses. Courses for all levels will be available, including virtual reality and technology-enabled programmes in a range of subject areas.

This project is funded by UK Government The Towns Fund in partnership with We Are Colchester and Colchester City Council.

The Towns Fund is a priority for this government and central to the levelling up agenda. Through working directly with places and putting power in the hands of local businesses and communities, it is unleashing the economic potential of towns and high streets across England. The government wants to see vibrant towns that are more attractive places to live, work and visit; and to level up opportunity across the country so that everyone (wherever they live) can contribute to and benefit from economic growth.

Our Offer

Opportunities for beginners to advanced learners

Courses and training programmes at our new hub could help you to feel more confident in the digital world, gain new skills and open the door to new opportunities. ∙ IT Apprenticeships ∙ Computer Programming ∙ Digital Development ∙ Web Design ∙ Essential Digital Skills ∙ Microsoft Office ∙ GCSE Computer Science ∙ Cybersecurity ∙ and many more opportunities available.

Supporting businesses to be IT and digital ready

We want to help you to boost your business’s productivity and efficiency. Upskill your staff on bespoke training programmes, helping them to become more effective at their jobs and valued as an employee, in addition to supporting retention and growth of your business. ∙ Apprenticeship programmes ∙ CDP training ∙ Microsoft Office training ∙ Digital skills qualifications.

Virtual and augmented reality: Impact on our environment

Immersive digital environments such as VR and AR minimise carbon emissions associated with transportation and decrease the consumption of paper and other resources used for traditional learning and training materials.

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