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Retrofit success story: Matt Carr


We recently spoke to Matt, who in only a year, has achieved a Level 2 Award in Domestic Retrofit all the way up to a Level 5 Award in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management. Below he talks about his journey and experiences on the courses.

We recently spoke to Matt, who in only a year, has achieved a Level 2 Award in Domestic Retrofit all the way up to a Level 5 Award in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management. He has performed exceptionally well in each module, and his dedication to learning and hard work truly deserve praise and recognition. Learn more about Matt’s journey and how the courses have helped him.

About Matt

After working across a couple of different companies and building a career in the city, I decided to take the plunge and set up my own business in an entirely new sector. Now I have moved from the corporate world to building a digital start-up in sustainability called ECOedge, whilst juggling spending time with my young family. As a History graduate, I always love learning

Why did you decide to enrol on this course?

From a professional standpoint, becoming a qualified Retrofit Coordinator opens many doors and provides me with the credibility to help my start-up succeed. Just as important is the personal development – the depth of the course and the topics covered taught me a lot about the industry, ways of working, and the ability for me to apply my experiences to the subject matter. From a skills perspective, the course allowed me to add a deeper technical understanding of the principles of retrofit and energy efficiency, as well as risk management and project co-ordination within the industry.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

The breadth of topics covered in Level 5 gave a well-rounded view of Retrofit Co-ordination and covered the technical detail well.

How has the course(s) benefited you?

Gaining the Retrofit Co-ordinator qualification allows me to add both insight and credibility to my digital start-up, ECOedge. The course directly supports the solution we are developing, and allows me to take on relevant work to build experience and inform our strategy. Long-term, we want to help make as many homes in the country as energy efficient and green as we can, and these qualifications help to make that mission possible.

How was your experience at ACL?

Building a start-up in an entirely new field is always going to be daunting, so to give myself the best possible chance of success in my new venture, I wanted to learn the required industry skills in a professional and supportive environment. From the initial conversations with ACL staff it was clear I had come to the right place. I received first-class tuition on my courses from my Tutor, who was able to apply the academic principles to his previous work experience and brought the material to life. The Curriculum Lead, made sure the processes and applications were seamless, and overall my experience with ACL was extremely positive.

What are you planning to do next?

Now that I have achieved Levels 2, 3 and 5, I am going to concentrate on building the new business, and may consider taking the Level 3 Award in Energy Efficiency for Older and Traditional Buildings at a later date.

If Matt’s story has inspired you, you can view our retrofit courses here.

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