GCSE Feedback

We love to receive feedback from our learners about their experience at ACL! You can view a selection of them below. Would you like to be featured? Send feedback to your tutor and we will include it!

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Monika, ACL Colchester

I’m originally from India and moved here 14 years ago. Whilst my kids were growing up I volunteered in schools. In order to progress to other roles I knew I needed to get GCSEs in English and maths. I have today achieved a grade 9 in my English exam which I am over the moon about. ACL provided me with the opportunity to work around my family life and I have never had such a good tutor in all my life – amazing! I had no idea that I would get the highest possible grade, I am an introvert by nature so this is just such a shock for me. I would advise anyone who is thinking about learning with ACL to do it today! I am now all ready to start my GCSE maths course this year.

Ozlem, Online Learner

I want to thank you for everything you have done to improve my English.  I don’t need to carry on doing work but I will be missing our Friday morning classes so much.?

Fiona, Online Learner

Apart from seeing each other faces, I think it worked as well as the class based courses. I have actually found more benefits to online courses: no need to put make-up on, no money/time spent on transport, hot coffee on the table during the lessons. Personally I think that lots of people don’t come to the college because of the transport situation, these on-line courses will make their life easier ( I have a colleague form my english course who used to pay £10 for taxi to come to college).

Natalie, ACL Colchester

I’m struggling to find the words, but I have thoroughly enjoyed being taught by you. When I started in September, I was worried as to how I would learn, retain the information and about exams. I honestly thought I would leave early and this was before I even started. I am so grateful that I had you as my teacher as you were and are amazing with me.

You gave me that confidence to push myself, you praised my work and taught me in the manner where I loved coming to class.

The fact that even during the course, I had times when I was struggling, your classes gave me that motivation to get up and come in.

Lacey, Online Learner

didn’t really enjoy maths at school, but this time around I think I’ve found a little love for it. I’m looking forward to progressing more with it. I guess the online teaching realm is quite different to the classroom. I personally prefer being in a classroom to learn but I think the BBB was really helpful for all our lessons and you did an awesome job with us lot.


Nick, ACL Colchester

I am about to start a teacher training course at Moulsham High School teaching Computer Science. I was all set to follow my dream of becoming a teacher but realised that I was lacking a GCSE pass in English. I heard about ACL and was able to enrol on the course easily. Angela, our teacher was amazing and really effective and as a result I have today received a grade 7 – hurray! I would advise anyone that needs a GCSE to think about ACL, very professional and we all worked as a team in class.

Online Learner

My tutor (Kata) was incredibly committed to make sure we still had the best learning experience we could get giving the circumstance. I am truly grateful for all her effort she put in to allow me to still excel in the subject and not fall behind in any way at all.

Penny, Online Learner

I wanted to thank you for being an amazing teacher, I struggled at school because I didn’t connect with the work but you made learning enjoyable again. Hopefully, if I get the chance, I can achieve a higher grade in future. I’ve found a love for creative writing.

Deb, ACL Basildon

I didn’t achieve much at school in the 80s and wrote myself off as incapable of understanding Maths and Science. I signed up for my GCSEs with ACL in my early 40s, not expecting much, and got A across the board in Maths, Science, English and Psychology. It ignited my passion for learning and the tutors gave me so much confidence that I went on to sign up for a degree studying psychology and mental health. I completed the degree this year and have the grades needed to achieve a first class honours degree. Believe in yourself, put the hard work in and anything is possible

Fran, Online Learner

I thoroughly enjoyed the course with you and I want to say a massive Thank You for your patience and understanding, Thank you for the way you made this course in a way that everyone could understand and Thank you for always being there when I needed it the most. You are a Great Teacher and thanks to you I found again passion for learning that I thought I’d lost.

Victoria, Online Learner

The English GCSE course gave me the opportunity to improve on my current situation. The support, guidance and understanding offered by the tutor, coupled with the learning programme specifically designed for adults was invaluable. The outcome of my GCSE has enabled me to enrol on a teacher training programme. I couldn’t be happier.