We celebrated learners, staff and partners at its ceremony on 12 July, with awards ranging from Personal Growth to Community Support.

The ceremony took place at the Central Baptist Church in Chelmsford, with over a hundred people in attendance. The annual awards ceremony shines a light on those who have achieved outstanding things during their time at ACL Essex.

Thank you to everyone that attended the ACL Awards 2023 and congratulations to all of the winners!

Award Categories

Community Support

The Community Support Award recognises people that make a huge difference to the lives of those around them. They have gone above and beyond to ensure those around them feel supported and valued.

Breaking barriers

To overcome barriers in life takes courage and motivation, the desire to improve, and the willingness to strive to make changes. These Awards recognise the standout individuals who have made wonderful progress in their learning, reaching goals and inspiring all of us along the way. They have a desire to learn and grow, and deserve recognition for all they have achieved.

Whistle while you work

This category recognises those who bring so much positivity and enthusiasm to ACL, motivating and encouraging others, whilst always making people smile.

Going the Extra Mile Award

These awards recognise staff that have gone the extra mile in their roles, doing all they can to ensure those around them feel valued and supported. These individuals put a tremendous amount of effort into their work, creating a wonderful learning environment whilst encouraging others to be the best they can be.

Making a Difference Award

In this category we recognise those that have gone above and beyond to help others. The nominees for this award have all been seen as making a difference to those around them or within the community, with each of them having a positive impact on others.

Outstanding Achievement Award

Our next category, outstanding achievement award recognises those who have made extraordinary progress throughout their learning journey.

Digital award

The past couple of years or so have see a huge leap forward in the way that we use digital technologies to enhance learning and teaching, how we commuicate with each other and how we manage our everyday lives. This award celebrates the use of technology and/or online resources to improve teaching and learning, and making classes more enjoyable.

Fresh face award

This Award goes to new member of the ACL team who has made an instant positive impact on learners and colleagues.

Lifelong learning award

Throughout our lives, there are many opportunities to further our knowledge and develop skills, and its never too late to start – the ‘Lifelong Learning Award’ celebrates the people who are true advocates of this, role models to others, who understand the huge impact that learning can have on our lives, always challenging themselves and inspiring others with their infectious positive attitude to learning.

Learning in the Workplace Award

These awards recognise people who have demonstrated a great aptitude for learning new skills and devotion to supporting others to do so. They are ambassadors to ACL and lifelong learning, fully embracing and taking advantage of new learning opportunities and pushing themselves and others around them to succeed.

Sustainability Award

Our next award celebrates someone who has been instrumental in embedding sustainable and environmentally focused practises into our curriculum.

Fit for the Future Award

Someone who has used initiative and innovation to support ACL to be fit for the future.

Collaboration Award

This award recognises those who understand what it is to be a team, embracing change, listening and supporting others and ensuring that others can learn and succeed.

Employer Award

An employer that has continued to show that they are committed to providing an environment that allows individuals to improve their personal and professional skills. They have dedicated time to help individuals start or excel in their careers.

Wellbeing Award

An award dedicated to those very compassionate and selfless people in our community. They always have time for others, supporting them with their wellbeing and encouraging them to be the best they can be.

Award Winners

Community Award

The Friary Pre-school
Jordan Cardy

Breaking Barriers

Kelly Bickford
ACL Clacton Customer Service Team
Caroline Driscoll

Lifelong Learning Award

Margaret Magennis White
Abbie Cairns

Young Learner of the Year

Ellie Culleton

Learning in the Workplace

David Harding
Mia Stapleton

Wellbeing Award

Steven Bartlett
Teresa Hooper

Whistle While you Work

James Stannard
Julia Grote

Extra Mile Award

Julia Tarling
ACL West & Café Team
Kimberly Candler
ACL Retrofit Team
Tracy Headford

Making a Difference

Hannah Pearce
Nathan Cording
Emma Hodgkinson
Abbie Jones

Sustainability Award

Jane Chillingworth

Fit for the Future Award

Anne Simm

Outstanding Achievement

Alan Kowalski
Bailey Toye

Digital Award

Heidi Withnell
Catherine Kelly

Fresh Face Award

Aimee Shaw

Collaboration Award

Dr Paul John
Manushi Shah

Employer Award

St Thomas More High School
Castledon School
Amber Stevens
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