ACL Learner Handbook

Below you will find a range of information relating to your course, useful resources and details of support that is available. We encourage all learners to read through this information before starting their course.


Lifelong learning matters to us – we want to make a difference to people’s lives.  ACL Essex is not just about second chances; it’s about third, fourth, fifth and sixth chances. In fact, it is about helping you achieve the goals you have set your sights on, throughout your life. But it is much more than skills and qualifications, crucial as they are, it is also about making sure you flourish; your health and wellbeing, your sense of community belonging, and your confidence and belief in yourself.

We aim to provide you with as many ways to flourish as possible. We are there in communities across Essex, to make a difference to residents and businesses, so everyone has the chance to make a difference for themselves and to the places that they live in.

Whatever your ambitions for learning might be, we will be there to support you on your journey.


Warm regards,

ACL Senior Leadership Team 

Lisa Jarentowski, Principal
Christian Norman, VP Curriculum & Learning
Teresa Ablewhite, VP Quality & Compliance
Claire Maynard, Business Operations Manager
Amanda Rawlings, Commercial Manager

Important information and updates

Please read the following information before starting your course:

ACL Learner Charter & Learner Expectations

Term Dates

ACL Contact details

Centre information

ACL Venues

Important centre information:

  • Access to facilities
  • Fire Safety
  • Bad Weather
  • Personal Property
  • Car Parking
  • Learner ID Cards

Health & Safety

Course Information

Term dates

When attending your course information:

  • Course cancellation
  • Unable to attend class?
  •  Plagiarism
  • Course documentation

Refund/Cancellation policy

Financial support

Learning Support

Learning support information:

  • Access to Learning support
  • Alternative information formats

Safeguarding & Wellbeing

Keeping you safe:

  • Health and Safety
  • Learner Wellbeing
  • Safeguarding and Prevent
  • British Values
  • Equality and Diversity

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Remote/Online Learning

Online learning information:

  • The ACL Netiquette
  • Keeping Safe Online
  • Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  • Office 365
  • Our Website
  • WiFi
  • Need support with digital technologies?

Require more information?

If you haven’t found the information you require, please contact us.

You can also contact our Customer Service team by email or by calling 0345 603 7635