Learner Forum

If you are a learner enrolled on a course with Adult Learning with ACL then you can apply. We are looking for members who reflect the diversity of our learner group. So, whatever your age or experience we’d really like to hear from you.

The Learner Forum is the best opportunity for our learners to share their ideas about what ACL is doing well, how we can improve and what new things we should be thinking about.

What will the Learner Forum do?

  • Provide opportunities for learners to make suggestions of what could go into learning programmes
  • Help staff analyse and act on information from learner surveys and participation reports
  • Enable learners to meet and share experiences and ideas with other learners, and with staff
  • Enable learners to express their concerns and ensure that Adult Learning responds appropriately to the issues that are raised
  • Help ensure accessibility by road testing evaluation forms, systems and changes in policy etc.
  • Provide an ongoing consultation role for ACL staff and our Governing Body.

How often does the forum meet?

As a member of the Forum member you would be expected to attend up to four meetings during the year. These meetings will be held online via MS Teams. As a learner we can provide you with Office 365 to access this on your own devices.

Who attends the meetings?

In addition to Learner Forum members, meetings are attended as needed by members of the leadership teams and other ACL staff, depending on the meeting agenda.

What are the benefits of forum membership?

Taking part in a learner forum is a great way to develop confidence, organisational, and communication skills.  It is a voluntary role, and experience as a forum member will enhance your CV.  Additionally, you will be able to make a positive contribution to the
development of ACL’s service.

How do I join?

If you would be interested in joining the ACL Learner Forum or require further information please email ACLLearnerForum@essex.gov.uk or call 03330139227