Family Learning – Starting the next stage in education

Father helping his daughter with maths homework

Course Aims:

Learn how to support your children’s education journey whether they are starting primary or secondary school in September

Mother helping her daughter with maths homework

Courses include:

  • Starting Primary
  • Starting Secondary
  • School Transitions
Dad helping his son with maths homework

Key information:

  • Starting Primary
    This course will give you advice and hints and tips on supporting your Primary Aged Children starting school
  • Starting Secondary
    Current year 6 children have suddenly had their final year cut short. They have missed out on their SATs exams and have missed out on end of year celebrations with their friends. They are then going to start a new school with all the fears and worried that come with this process. This course will give you strategies on how you can support your child, how to discuss their worries and fears and tips on how you can make the transition to secondary school a little smoother.
  • School Transitions
    This will support you to support your child with any of the main transitions they go through from starting school to secondary school.
Teacher showing schoolchildren how to use a tablet

What to do next

If there are specific topics or ideas that you would like to see us deliver then please do email We have a wealth of expertise and knowledge in our team of trained professionals, and welcome opportunities to develop workshops that are based on need.