Whatever your reason to improve your English, we can help! Our courses could be free* and start from beginners to GCSEs. You can learn in the classroom or online. *FREE to those who do not currently hold a grade C or 4 (or above) in this subject.

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Why choose these courses?

English and maths plays a vital part in our daily lives. Whether applying for a job, helping children with their homework or just reading a newspaper or online article. Our free* English and maths courses will help to blow away the cobwebs, improve your confidence and gain a qualification. 

  • Learn in the classroom or online
  • Work in small groups
  • Experienced tutors – there to help you
  • Functional Skills qualifications and GCSE are recognised by employers and further education courses
  • All adults over the age of 19 can access these qualifications for free.
  • Help your children with their study.
  • Read and write confidently, with authority and good technical accuracy.
  • Most university courses require English and maths GCSE or Level 2 Functional Skills.

*Free if you do not already have a qualification at levels 1 and 2

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Free Functional Skills English

Face to Face classes in centres.

  • New courses start in September 2021 and February 2022.
  • 17–week courses – 2:30 hours each week.
  • Initial Assessment for all courses – match course to your level.
  • Functional Skills/ three exams to achieve qualification: reading, writing and speaking & listening.

What will I learn?

  • Read letters, reports, emails, publicity documents and blogs. Recognise bias, persuasive language, fact and opinion
  • Learn to write all the above types of text using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Take part in discussions and present information.

Online courses

Online Self-Study Functional Skills English at Level 1 and Level 2.

You must be assessed at an appropriate level to enrol onto an online course.

  • Complete work at your own pace when it suits you.
  • For motivated, committed learners.
  • Online resources, practice and assignments.
  • Online speaking & listening assessment.
  • Exams taken when you are ready (minimum 3 months work)

Online- Live Functional Skills English (Level 1 and Level 2)

  • Weekly online class with a tutor using Teams (2:30 hours session/17 weeks).

Beginning to Read and Write

  • Courses are in local centres with small classes.
  • New courses start in Sept 2021.
  • Experienced tutors who are supportive.

GCSE English Language  2021-22

  • September – June 2021-22 – must be available for the exam dates in June 2022.
  • Face to face classes in Centres, Online Self-Study and Online Live courses (with tutorials) are offered.
  • Free if no grade C / 4 or above.
  • Initial Assessment is essential.
  • Functional Skills is offered if you need to brush up on your skills.


GCSE English Language classes: face to face

  • Classes in centres across the county at various times.
  • 3:00 hours session per week.
  • There will be online content – using Microsoft Teams to enhance the face to face learning.
  • Homework: at least four hours per week.
  • Regular attendance is required.


GCSE English Online – Self Study

  • Starts October 2021 – June 2022.
  • This course is online with opportunities for online tutorials when necessary.
  • This means that you can complete activities and tasks when it suits you, however, you are required to complete a minimum of four hours study a week.
  • This course is for self-motivated independent learners.
  • Free if no grade C / 4 or above


GCSE English Fast Track

  • Starts January 2022 – June 2022
  • A GCSE in 5 months for motivated, committed learners.
  • You are required to complete a minimum of five hours working online and are expected to attend two 2 hour tutorial sessions per week. This is an intensive course which requires self-motivated independent learners.

Creative Writing courses

A variety of online virtual and face to face courses for beginners to more experienced writers. Including:

  • Creative writing for mindfulness
  • Get Started
  • Making Progress
  • Refining
  • Short Stories
  • Life Writing


We also have successful Creative Writing short story competitions that are open to all across the county.

Family Learning

If you are a parent, we also offer English and Maths classes as part of our Community & Family Learning Programme. You will receive information on how to gain confidence to support your children’s learning of all things Maths & English for KS1 & KS2.

Get back into work

These FREE online workshops will help you to improve your employment prospects to get back into work or move into a new job opportunity. We will support you to achieve your career goals.

  • How do I get a job in a changing world?
  • Get to grips with modern recruitment practices
  • Now let’s get the job

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Things to consider

  • Do you have the time to make a commitment to the course? How can you make time?
  • If you are working, can you adjust your working hours to provide greater flexibility?
  • For online courses: do you have reliable internet access, and a laptop or computer to access the lessons and complete the assignments?
  • We have excellent tutors and a high success rate.
Three young friends flipping through a notebook

What to do next

To view the full list of start dates for English courses, please click here.


Before you can enrol on an English course, we will meet with you to complete an assessment and discuss which course is most suitable. Assessments can be booked by calling 0345 603 7635.

Alternatively, you can complete the contact form below and one of our tutors will get back to you.