On Sunday 24th April we launched our ACL Pottery Exhibition in Chelmsford Library! We’re very proud of our talented learners and what better way to celebrate this then to share their creative work with everyone. Pop along to Chelmsford this month and visit the exhibition free of charge.

Learner Feedback

“Since joining the class I have met many different interesting people all with an open mind to learn a new skill and share knowledge with each other. I have produced six pieces of work since joining in October last year. My reason for joining was because my wife sadly died last year and I needed to occupy my time by learning a new skill, as I’ve always had an interest in pottery. And I have lots of ideas for new pieces of work which I hope to continue with throughout the year.”

– Matthew

Having experienced the sudden loss of my husband, I was left with an empty house and crippling grief saturating my life.  Looking at the ACL prospectus I enrolled on a selection of classes including pottery.  This was to distract my emotions, fill my time, learn new skills, and surround myself with likeminded people.

I very soon found a great passion for pottery.  This was due to the skills, warmth, and encouragement of the tutor Alex. The laughter and camaraderie of the fellow students, the limitless range of creative uses for clay, plus the mystery of what would come out of the kiln each week.

I have a sketch book crammed with ideas, and a brain full of imagination as to what the future projects will be.  Excited to expand on diverse and abstract items, of which many friends will get to enjoy…or not!!!

– Lynne

Doing pottery is so different from my normal job as a graphic designer which is really good for the mind, it’s nice to have to think about designs in 3d and different textures and not being on the computer but shaping with my hands. I also love being able to mix with people of various ages and backgrounds which this course allows me to do.

I’d like to learn how to work with moulds and I have recently seen an interesting technique using patched of coloured clay to make bowls or vases with a collage effect which I would like to investigate. I am mainly interested in making fun, colourful homeware.

– Janneke

More Feedback


Since attending Pottery for All over 5 years ago I have benefited greatly from the social aspect of a friendly class and enthusiastic and encouraging tutor.

My work focuses on trying to find ways of achieving more natural colouring for the natural forms and animals than just shiny glazes which I feel ruined the finished work. To this end I use different coloured clays, oxides, underglazes, glazes and afterwards polish and acrylics if I’m still not happy.

The birds, animals and natural forms are recurring themes in the quest with the opportunity to also explore varied textures in fur and feathers. I feel the lounging seal is the best example of mixed clays, underglazes and glazes to achieve the wet surface.

I envision continuing this quest in the future. Pottery is a magical art. You can never really plan what will emerge from the kiln but always it is always a surprize and sometimes a happy one.

– Hazel


“I have really enjoyed the course, it’s been really exciting and empowering to learn a new skill and see my progression throughout the course. I’ve loved meeting lots of new people and feeling part of a pottery community! I really enjoy having something to work towards and coming up with weird and wonderful creations”

– Clementine


Benefits are numerous especially learning new skills is a constant, making new friends who are like minded, interactive, learning off each other.

My future projects include designing and making more decorative garden planters etc, using terracotta clay.

– Madeline


These courses have all helped me to enjoy my retirement. I’ve enjoyed the challenges and learnt so much. My wellbeing has undoubtedly improved and I missed this so much during lockdown. The social interaction has been of great benefit.

– Claire


I have improved my pottery skills in a social setting. I really enjoy my Tuesdays, and look forward to the classes. I am quite free in exploring and creating but with all the support I need.

– Nichola

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