The exhibition at Harlow Library is free and open until 1st September 2023

Learners from Art Drawing and Painting at ACL Harlow have been exploring contemporary art through artists such as Picasso, Moro and Pollock. These have influenced and developed their own artistic styles, resulting in the artworks on display here.

Learner’s Feedback

Wendy Myers 


The work I have exhibited is either work inspired and supported by Kate my tutor or using the techniques taught to us by Kate. Recently Kate asked us to research an artist who produced abstract art and then to create our own artwork inspired by this artist. I struggled at first but through Kate’s support I began to free up my paint strokes, use larger paint brushes and to use my fingers.  It was the use of fingers that enabled me to produce texture in the orange tree artwork.My drawing skills have improved considerably since working with Kate especially my use of  perspective.  An aspect that was sorely lacking in my work.  One of the pieces I am showing is one where an understanding of perspective is vital and I think this one that I have produced, shows I am beginning to develop this aspect. We have developed the use of watercolour, acrylics, oil, pastels and gouache at the classes.


Lynn Seward


This is my attempt at reproducing a small segment of a Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood painting, from the mid-Victorian Era.  The original painting is called ‘The Awakening Conscience’ and is by William Holman Hunt.  The original would have been in oils, but I used acrylic for this.  We were helped in class to research our topics and to undertake various sketches and planning exercised before completing our works.


Samantha Senanayake


I would like to say that I have really enjoyed attending the art class and have learnt many techniques, on Colour mixing and using different media on different paper etc.

I am new to the class and joined only in April. The teacher, Kate, is amazing and I have learnt so much during this time and have enrolled in the next course as well. Everyone is very friendly and supportive. They have made me feel so comfortable that it feels like I have been there for longer.
I loved the Watercolour and Abstract Flowers very much.

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