Environment and Sustainability Policy

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Adult Community Learning Essex is committed to:

  • managing and mitigating any impact of the environment during the course of its business
  • working towards a more sustainable future
  • supporting Essex County Council’s environmental statement to “ensure a better quality of life by conserving , developing and promoting a healthy, safe, diverse, clean and attractive environment”



To ensure that we minimise the impact on the environment of our services, we will focus on the following areas:

Resources and equipment:

We will:

  • Actively utilise new technology available through Essex County Council to:
    • Mobile and flexible working Access EEC resources from remote locations and engage in collaborative working from any location
    • Go Paperless – Share documents and files in real time with less need for printing.
  • Deliver staff training to promote the use of new technologies.
  • Produce technological solutions, where possible, to replace paper-based systems


Management of learning:

We will:

  • Continue to promote the use and development of technology within teaching and learning to reduce reliance on paper resources.
  • Invest in technology to support teaching and learning
  • Promote online enrolment by potential learners and improve the Adult Community Learning Essex website
  • Continue to assess the impact of the use of technology on learning progress via the Observation of Teaching and Learning system.
  • Support the use of technology in teaching and learning by the delivery of staff training in key areas:
  • Training to use free and easy resources for smartphones and/or table devices to engage learners in the digital age.


Online Assessments

  • Using the Assignment module of the Virtual Learning Environment  to create online assessments for learners,  provide online marking and feedback.
  • Augmented Reality (AR)   Converting  existing printed resources  to play videos, tutorials, YouTube clips, etc, to engage and motivate learners.
  • Using Xerte, turn existing paper resources  into interactive online resources.
  • Developing online programmes
  • Supporting learning activities, such as tools for assessment, small group collaboration, learner feedback, feedback to learners.
  • Engage in regional/national projects which support the use of technology in teaching and learning to build the capacity and capability of staff to use digital technology effectively.



We will:

  • Continue to review use and occupancy ratios of buildings to maximise cost-effectiveness.
  • Support the development of multi-use Centres to provide added value through the use of shared resources.
  • Ensure that there are efficiency savings by monitoring the use of energy resources, such as electricity and heating
  • Aim to produce less waste and ensure that there are facilities to recycle materials.



We will:

  • Reduce travel costs and energy consumption by promoting flexible working in accordance with Essex County Council’s flexible working policy. This includes mobile working, working from home, and virtual working.
  • Comply with Essex County Council’s travel policies which promotes the use of shared cars, cycling and other cost-effective measures
  • Further develop the use of e-learning and on-line solutions to learning and assessment.


Monitoring the policy:

The policy will be regularly monitored by the ACL Senior Leadership Team Group via:

  • Analysis of travel and mileage costs
  • Reviews of curriculum quality improvement plans in relation to increased use of technology in teaching and learning
  • Analysis of impact of participation in national projects to enhance technology in teaching and learning
  • Review of impact of Essex County Council’s new technologies on Adult Community Learning business