Thinking about if or when to return to work after having children/caring for someone is an important decision. It’s a big step and there’s a lot to think about, so it’s normal if you feel a bit anxious. There are many things you can do to update your skills and present your time off in a positive light.


“I’d like to return to my old job but I feel as though my knowledge and skills are out of date – how can I update them?”


If you’ve been looking after children/relative full-time, it can feel like your skills have been on hold since you left work. But this is not the case: you will have developed many useful skills that you can transfer into the workplace.


You might want to consider part-time work, volunteering opportunities or doing some additional qualifications.


This is the start of that journey. This is your year! To plan, to put you first, to start that new job. Let us help you.


This is your year is not just a course looking at employability skills but allowing you the chance to harness the skills you already have, develop others and realise your true potential.  A new programme to empower individuals to build their skills and knowledge to enhance life skills and life chances.


What are you waiting for, This is your year!

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Hear From Our Learners

Helene’s Story

I began 2022 with no idea what I wanted to do with myself. I had been on a career break since 2018 to raise my son alone, and I knew that when he starts school in September, I would have to do something. Having been out of work for so long my confidence was shot to pieces, and I had no idea how I would cope with going back into the world of work as a single parent.


I was already an ACL student at the beginning of the year as I had done some immensely helpful Family Learning and Wellbeing courses, so when I saw an advert to become a Parent Ambassador, I thought it would be an effective way to develop my employability skills. When I explained this, I was invited to join This is Your Year 2022. It was the best thing that could have happened to me.


I went through an amazing process of self-discovery. I learned about my strengths and weaknesses on a deep level and worked out how I can apply these gifts in the world, not just through work. I learned how to use the latest software and to deliver a truly engaging presentation. I learned how to make my CV and cover letter stand out, where to look for work and where to go for specialist advice. I learned some extremely useful skills such as networking, active listening, open and closed questions and how to dig deeper for information, also how to give and receive constructive feedback (this changed my attitude completely). All these skills are useful not just in employment, but in personal relationships too. I met some wonderful and inspiring people on the course as well. I really feel like I have grown as a person in 2022.


In August I was ready to look for a job. Using these skills, I built a CV that made such an impact I got a call back from the company I chose within an hour, I used the contacts I had made on the course to get specialist advice and a practice interview, I was able to write a list of meaningful questions to ask, and a month later I was employed full time.


Not only do I have a job, but I also have a new interest. Because of the deep level of self-reflection covered at the beginning of the course I identified that I would make a good counsellor, and I have started my 4 year journey to becoming a counsellor with ACL.

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