ACL Learner Charter & Learner Expectations

The aim of this charter is to improve support, communication, and strengthen relationships, creating a safe and positive environment for all.


Our Learner Charter & Learner expectations

As a learner with ACL Essex, you can expect:

  • A high standard of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Classes that run on time in rooms that are appropriately equipped
  • Regular visits and support in the workplace if your programme is non-classroom based
  • Access to information, advice and guidance that supports your learning -and your next steps
  • To learn in a way that suits your individual needs
  • To be provided with regular feedback on your progress
  • A culture where discrimination is challenged, and the dignity of learners and others is not abused.
  • An environment that safeguards learners from all types of abuse including radicalisation and develops an awareness of social and moral responsibility in modern Britain.
  • To receive a timely response to compliments, complaints or comments.
  • Your learning to take place in a safe environment
  • To be provided with learning support and reasonable adjustments where needed

In turn we have expectations of our learners.

We expect you to:

  • Respect the rights of all ACL centre users
  • Behave in a manner that contributes to a healthy and safe environment, and that respects those that use our centres by treating all with consideration and courtesy.
  • Be fully committed to your learning, attend all classes or appointments on time, complete course work, and inform us if you are unable to.
  • Complete a learning plan and feedback to your tutor on your progress.
  • Provide us with appropriate information to help us meet your learning needs and keep us informed of any changes in your personal details
  • Report any incidents of abuse or suspected radicalisation

ACL Learner Charter

Respect Engagement


Respect other people regardless of any differences.


Behave in a way that makes our centres safe.


Don’t use language that others may find unkind, discriminatory or offensive.



 Complete work on time and to the best of your ability.


Attend your class on time informing us if you are unable to attend.


Celebrate your achievements and those of others.

Support Communication


Always wear your ID badge.


Share with us by completing a Learner Welfare form if you need to.


Help us improve our service by providing feedback


Request and make use of available Learning Support if needed.





Report concerns about abuse to staff or the safeguarding team.


Keep us informed of any changes in your personal details.


Discuss your progress and goals with staff.


Tell us what you would like to do next.