Supported Learning Induction and Information

Welcome to ACL Essex. We hope you enjoy your learning experience with us. Please take time to look through all the relevant information.

Principal’s Welcome

Lifelong learning matters to us – we want to make a difference to people’s lives. ACL Essex is not just about second chances; it’s about third, fourth, fifth and sixth chances. In fact, it is about helping you achieve the goals you have set your sights on, throughout your life. But it is much more than skills and qualifications, crucial as they are, it is also about making sure you flourish; your health and wellbeing, your sense of community belonging, and your confidence and belief in yourself.

We aim to provide you with as many ways to flourish as possible. We are there in communities across Essex, to make a difference to residents and businesses, so everyone has the chance to make a difference for themselves and to the places that they live in.

Whatever your ambitions for learning might be, we will be there to support you on your journey.

Learner Handbook

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Learner Charter



Supported learning feedback

By completing these forms you will be able to see how your skills have developed during the course.

Whether you are aiming for a qualification or not many learners find that they have increased other skills such as the use of digital technology and communication skills and often say that they feel more confident. Being able to recognise these can help you in planning for the future.

How do we use this information?
We use this to:

  • Discuss further learning opportunities with you
  • Share the benefits of learning with ACL
  • Plan for future courses in ACL

Thank you for completing these forms.

Start of course questionnaire 

End of course feedback