Working together to transform sustainable practices across the FE sector


#SustainFE (in association with ACL Essex) is a community of practice founded in 2022 to facilitate FE practitioners in the development of sustainable knowledge, skills, behaviours and values in their settings.

It has grown into a thriving community that has created a supportive space for networking and sharing amongst FE practitioners who have a passion for sustainability and who aim to transform ESD practice across the sector.

#SustainFE welcomes everyone from across the sector, of all knowledge and experience levels.  To join #SustainFE:

Connect via the ETF websiteConnect via LinkedIn

How ACL has embedded sustainability in our curriculum

Our Goals are to respond to the skills needs of the new green career pathways, encourage a greener future and work in collaboration with other organisations towards Net Zero. Together with providing a range of courses, we have embedded sustainability in our course content to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Key green initiatives:

  • Reduce travel by developing an online learning offer
  • Offer Retrofit courses that includes funded options
  • Develop a roadmap to sustainability, including being part of Race to Net Zero, the largestever coalition of education providers
  • Embed sustainability in our courses
  • Develop hybrid classrooms in key ACL learning spaces
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