Ongoing Campaigns

Parent Ambassador

Training and volunteering programme to support local parents, children and schools

Digital Champions

Training and volunteering programme to support local residents’ essential skills

Your Future Matters

Supporting the residents of Harlow/Tendring with IAG – Apprenticeships, quals and skills, employment, wellbeing, volunteering

Flexible Learning

Promotion of the range of free level 2 courses we offer, including digital skills, early years, health medical and care etc

Sustainability course – Do more, waste less

Supporting residents and businesses to gain knowledge of sustainable development, climate change and global warming. These courses could lead to skills progression routes and exciting career opportunities

Digital courses

Supporting residents to improve work and technical skills, reduce digital isolations and supporting those who require it to gain essential skills

General course and apprenticeships campaigns

Continued promotion of each of our 7 curriculum areas throughout the year across all channels

Spring Campaigns

Pottery exhibition Chelmsford Library: May

With the support of Chelmsford Library we hosted a month long pottery exhibition to celebrate our talented learners.

Mental Health and Wellbeing week: May

Activity dedicated to supporting residents with wellbeing needs. Emphasis on how wellbeing is embedded in everything we do across our curriculum.

Supporting families from Ukraine: 1st June

Event for Ukrainian families and sponsors across 4 locations. Our mission is to ensure that each family has access to learning opportunities and support going forward. Over 100 enrolments as a result of event activities.

New courses launch for 22/23: 6th June

Launch of over 1500 courses on offer across our centres 2022/23.

Your Future Matters Career Fair: 9th June

We welcomed residents to our centre in Clacton. Our teams were joined by a range of local organisations and companies who spoke to individuals about their career aspirations. The event was funded by the UKCRF.

Summer/Autumn Campaigns

Course guides and supporting materials launch: Mid-June

Publication of materials to support the promotion of our services, especially for those without the digital skills to access our online resources

You Can relaunch: Mid June

IAG courses to showcase the variety of career opportunities in the public sector and progression pathways

Retrofit Academy course launch: Mid June

Partnership with Retrofit Academy to deliver courses in Tendring and Harlow.

Discover Magazine Summer: Mid/end-June

Showcase of courses and case studies to inspire people to pursue their lifelong learning goals.

Be Inspired Tasters and Information Events: 4-8th July

A week of free taster workshops to showcase our offer and whilst giving people the opportunity to ‘Find out for free’.

Harlow Library and ACL Centre launch event: 1st – 2nd July

Celebrating the launch of Harlow centre partnering with Library services hosting activities throughout the day of the event.

ACL Awards

Celebrating the achievements of our learners, staff and partners. Nominations are now closed and the ceremony will take place on 6th July.

ACL Website launch: July – August

To improve the online customer experience we have invested in developing a new intuitive and interactive online solution. Improvements to searchability of our courses, ease of navigation, SEO and design are being implemented to provide a seamless experience for prospective learners.

Be Inspired Career and Skills event: September

Inviting residents to find out more information about our courses whilst exploring pathways to employment. Event to represent the focus on IAG post-course and support we offer to access career opportunities.

Autumn/Winter Campaigns

Digital Hub Colchester: Autumn/Winter

Investment in the redevelopment of ACL Colchester gym to provide essential facilities to improve the digital skills support for residents

National Days

May (2022)

National Day Start Date End Date
Time for a cuppa 1st 8th
Make May purple/Action on stroke month 1st 31st
National walking month 1st 31st
National Share-a-Story Month 1st 31st
Big Asthma Bake Sale 1st 31st
Local and Community History month 1st 31st
National Gardening Week 2nd 8th
Sun Awareness Week 2nd 8th
Deaf Awareness Week 2nd 8th
Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week 2nd 8th
Anaphylaxis Awareness Week 2nd 8th
Dying Matters Week 2nd 6th
Firefighters’ Memorial Day 4th 4th
National Doughnut Week 7th 15th
National Mills Weekend 8th 8th
World Donkey Day 8th 8th
Food Allergies Food Allergy Awareness Week 9th 14th
Coeliac UK’s Awareness Week 10th 15th
Mental Health Awareness Week 10th 15th
Foster Care Fortnight 10th 22nd
ME Awareness Week 11th 16th
Somerset Day 11th 11th
National Limerick Day 12th 12th
World Topiary Day 12th 12th
Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day 14th 14th
National Stationery Week 16th 22nd
National Vegetarian Week 16th 22nd
National Children’s Day UK 16th 16th
Dementia Action Week 17th 22nd
Walk to School Week 17th 20th
National Smile Month 17th June 16th
Action for Brain Injury Awareness Week 17th 22nd
Learning at Work Week 17th 22nd
Water Saving Week 17th 20th
Hats for Headway 21st 21st
English Tourism Week 22nd 30th
Go Paddling Week 23rd 30th
British Tomato Fortnight 23rd June 5th
National Conversation Week 23rd 29th
National Epilepsy Week 24th 30th
Great British Spring Clean 28th June 12th
National Children’s Gardening Week 28th June 5th
Oak Apple Day 29th 29th
Bike Week 30th June 4th
 National Patient Participation Week 31st June 5th
Melanoma BRAF Awareness Day 31st 31st

June (2022)

National Day Start Date End Date
Step up For 30 for Bowel Cancer 1st 30th
SANDS Awareness Month 1st 29th
Volunteers Week 1st 6th
National Candy Month 1st 29th
Global Day of Parents 1st 1st
MyMarathon 1st 29th
The Big Jubilee Lunch 2nd 5th
Massage at Work Week 3rd 8th
National Fish and Chip Day 4th 4th
Garden Wildlife Week 6th 12th
National Neuro-Disabilities Day 6th 6th
Growing for Wellbeing Week 7th 12th
Child Safety Week 7th 12th
World Heart Rhythm Week 7th 12th
Carers Week 7th 12th
UK Coaching Week 7th 12th
National Intensive Care Week 7th 12th
UK Clothing Poverty Awareness Day 9th 9th
Employer Branding Awareness Week 10th 15th
Brake’s Kids Walk 10th 10th
National School Business Leaders’ Day 10th 10th
Drowning Prevention Week 12th 18th
Walk Together for Bowel Cancer 12th 12th
National Sewing Machine Day 13th 13th
Cupcake Day (Raise Money Dementia) 13th 13th
Loneliness Awareness Week 13th 17th
Diabetes Awareness Week 14th 19th
BNF Healthy Eating Week 14th 17th
Learning Disability Week 14th 19th
Cervical Screening Awareness Week 15th 20th
National Beer Day 15th 15th
National Bug Busting Day 15th 15th
March for Men (prostate cancer) 16th 23rd
National Clean Air Day 16th 16th
Neighbours Week 17th 22nd
Plastic Free Beauty Day 22nd 30th
English Wine Week 18th 26th
National School Sport Week 19th 24th
Wallace & Gromit Wrong Trousers Day 19th 19th
Father’s Day 19th 19th
Children’s Hospice Week 20th 26th
#GladToCare Awareness Week 20th 24th
Rose Awareness 20th 20th
Love Your Lungs Week 21st 26th
Public Service Day 23rd 23rd
National Writing Day 23rd 23rd
Reserves Day 24th 24th
National Bingo Day 27th 27th
Deafblind Awareness Week 27th July 2nd
Children’s Art Week 28th July 17th

July (2022)

National Day Start Date End Date
Wallace & Gromit’s Wrong Trousers Day 1st 1st
National Picnic Month 1st 31st
Talk To Us (Samaritans) 1st 31st
Plastic Free July 1st 31st
Good Care Month 1st 31st
National Bereaved Parents Day 3rd 3rd
Thank You Day (NHS) 4th 4th
National BBQ Week 5th 17th
Byte Night 9th 9th
National Simplicity Day 12th 12th
Festival of Archaeology 17th 31st
#AskAnArchaeologist Day 21st 21st
Love Parks Week 23rd 31st
24/7 Samaritans Awareness Day 24th 24th
National Marine Week 24th August 7th
National Schizophrenia Awareness Day 25th 25th
National Preserving Week 25th August 1st
Walk the Night (Breast and Prostate Cancer) 27th 27th

August (2022)

National Day Start Date End Date
Yorkshire Day 1st 1st
National Road Victim Month 1st 30th
Playday 4th 4th
Cycle to Work Day 5th 5th
National Dash Cam Day 5th 5th
National Allotment Week 9th 14th
Afternoon Tea Week 9th 14th
Cavernoma Awareness Day 15th 15th
Northern Christmas Week 16th 21st
National Plum Day 24th 24th

September (2022)

National Day Start Date End Date
Oddfellows Friendship Month 1st 29th
Urology Awareness Month 1st 29th
World Alzheimer’s Month 1st 29th
Organic September 1st 29th
Blood Cancer Awareness Month 1st 29th
Vascular Disease Awareness Month 1st 29th
Festival of Learning (Have a Go Month) 1st 29th
National Doodle Day 3rd 3rd
EveryWoman Day 3rd 3rd
Migraine Awareness Week 5th 10th
Know Your Numbers Week (Blood Pressure) 6th 11th
National Payroll Week 6th 9th
Heritage Open Days 10th 18th
Balance Awareness Week 12th 17th
Orchid’s Male Cancer Awareness Week 13th 18th
Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week 13th 18th
Sexual Health Week 13th 18th
Roald Dahl Story Day 13th 13th
National Coding Week 13th 18th
National Eczema Week 13th 18th
Jeans for Genes 13th 18th
Pension Awareness Day 15th 15th
National Teaching Assistants’ Day 16th 16th
Great British Beach Clean 17th 25th
Youth Mental Health Day 19th 19th
Fire Door Safety Week 20th 25th
National Eye Health Week 20th 25th
Organ Donation Awareness Week 20th 25th
Recycle Week 20th 25th
Raspberry Cavernoma Awareness 20th 20th
Seed Gathering Season  23rd October 22nd
FSC Friday 24th 24th
Wool Week 25th October 2nd
European Day of Languages 26th 26th
Bike to School Week 27th 30th
Thank You #HiddenHeroes 29th 29th
National Sporting Heritage Day 30th 30th