Information, Advice and Guidance

Sometimes it’s hard to know what steps to take to move on in work and life. We can help with this.

Teacher showing schoolchildren how to use a tablet

We provide information

Information on learning and work is available in the following ways:

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We provide advice

Further advice is available on a range issues:

  • ways to search for and apply for jobs, e.g. interview skills, CV workshop, completing applications forms, basic IT skills
  • help link your personal interests and skills to your job or career
  • Identify courses suitable for you
  • give advice on ways to progress in a career
  • identify the skills you may need and refer you to other support (if necessary)
  • give advice about financial support

Teacher showing schoolchildren how to use a tablet

We arrange guidance

A guidance interview will help you find out more about your options. It is private, confidential, impartial, and free of charge. Guidance provision is delivered by a qualified Learning Guide from our partner organisation the National Careers Service.

Contact them using the following details.

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National Careers Service

You can also contact The National Careers Service who can help you to:

  • Find learning and training that is right for you
  • Improve reading, writing and maths skills
  • Find out about funding to support learning
  • Develop a CV, improve job-seeking, and interview skills
  • Understand the local job market
  • Progress in your current job
  • For further information visit:
    or call: 0800 100 900

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