Information, Advice and Guidance

Sometimes it’s hard to know what steps to take to move on in work and life. We can help with this.

We provide information

Information on learning and work is available in the following ways:

  • printed materials such as leaflets, course information booklets, learner handbook
  • our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  • Student Services staff

We provide advice

Further advice is available on a range issues:

  • ways to search for and apply for jobs, e.g. interview skills, CV workshop, completing applications forms, basic IT skills
  • help link your personal interests and skills to your job or career
  • Identify courses suitable for you
  • give advice on ways to progress in a career
  • identify the skills you may need and refer you to other support (if necessary)
  • give advice about financial support

We arrange guidance

A guidance interview will help you find out more about your options. It is private, confidential, impartial, and free of charge. Guidance provision is delivered by a qualified Learning Guide from our partner organisation the National Careers Service.

Contact us:

Telephone: 01923 698474

National Careers Service

You can also contact The National Careers Service who can help you to:

  • Find learning and training that is right for you
  • Improve reading, writing and maths skills
  • Find out about funding to support learning
  • Develop a CV, improve job-seeking, and interview skills
  • Understand the local job market
  • Progress in your current job
  • For further information visit:
    or call: 0800 100 900