On Sunday the 24th July 2022 we will be launching our ACL Photography Exhibition in Chelmsford Library! A showcase of photography produced by a selection of our talented learners. Whilst enjoying the intricacies of each piece, visitors can find out more about the photographer’s inspiration and how their skills have progressed since attending their ACL course.

Learner Feedback

“I have always been interested in photography and enjoyed looking at other people’s work, knowing one day I would like to do a course to improve. I finished my degree that I had been doing part time for 10 years while working so suddenly had the spare time to follow by hobby. I began doing the level 1 course in 2018/19.”

“I have learnt so much about my camera and photography equipment, what to look for when taking a picture, lighting techniques and styles which I have loved learning. I believe I have grown in confidence when taking pictures and using the equipment and my technique has really improved. I enjoy doing the ‘picture of the week’ part of the lesson where we get to show a picture we have taken in the previous week to the other learners. This motivates us to do lots of practice with our cameras in between classes.”

– Debbie

“I joined this course because I wanted to know more about photography, both the science of a camera and creativity of taking a great photograph. Gary Kenton has decades of experience and NCFE2 Photography (and the previous NCFE1) courses contain all the elements of both science and creativity of photography. With weekly classes in a friendly group who are all on a similar journey makes the training really interesting and appealing. I look forward to each week and growing in my understanding of photography.”

– Chris

“The photos I have sent are from the actors portfolio we done earlier in the course. We took it turns to dress up as either actor, singer or someone famous. This is a photo of Nicole who is also on the course and came as a country singer. After enjoying level one which we done before and during covid I wanted to carry onto level 2 to gain more experience and learn more about photography. These course have been very enjoyable and challenging at times but have learnt so much.”

– Deborah

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and learnt so much from Gary Kenton, our tutor. We have covered a huge amount of topics and I have seen my photography improve greatly. I completed Level 1 in Harlow in 2017/18 and wanted to learn more but Covid restrictions put an end to that until last year. I have always enjoyed taking photos, but since retirement, 10 years ago, I have taken it more seriously. This course has turned my ’snaps’ into ‘proper’ photos. The course has been relaxed and friendly and I’ve loved it.”

– Gill

“Over the last 3 weeks we’ve been introduced to lighting it’s many forms. This has been a very interesting part of the course and has really sparked an interest in the way lighting is used. Some home practice resulted in this image which I am very pleased with. Having completed level 1 some years ago, I was very keen to pursue the next level and will be sorry when this finishes at the end of term. I look back and realise now just how much I have learned from Gary.”

– Di

“I am doing the course as I was given a camera as a gift but didn’t know how to use it, so just used it on automatic and I wanted to learn how to use the camera properly. I learnt so much on Level 1 about the technical side of using the camera and then wanted to carry on to Level 2 to learn more about the creative side and techniques as well as studio lighting. I have learnt so much over the 2 courses and my photos have improved significantly. I have perfected a couple of techniques that Gary has taught us and these have now become my signature style of shot, blurring the background being my favourite, along with black and white photography!”

– Dianne

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