Family Learning – Learning Anytime

Father helping his daughter with maths homework

Course Aims

Virtual teaching on topics that will allow you to take the learning at your pace and when your little one is ready, day or night. For older children topics that will allow you to fit learning in around the their school work, mealtimes, downtime, socialising with peers and when they are ready to.

Mother helping her daughter with maths homework

Course content will include: (depending on appropriate Key Skills)

  • Relationships Sex Education Year 6
  • Supporting Early Years
  • Supporting Primary Years
  • Supporting Secondary Years
Dad helping his son with maths homework

Key information

Age – 0 – 11

Length – Minimum of 10 hours

Delivery Model – Partly joint or adult only

Teacher showing schoolchildren how to use a tablet

What to do next

If there are specific topics or ideas that you would like to see us deliver then please do email We have a wealth of expertise and knowledge in our team of trained professionals, and welcome opportunities to develop workshops that are based on need.