Learn the skills needed to start a new and exciting career in hairdressing & barbering.

Funding Support

  • If you are unemployed or earning less than £20,319 annual gross salary – your level 2 course could be free
  • You are aged 19+ and wish to undertake your first full level 3 course. This would be funded through the Free Courses for Jobs offer.
  • If you are aged 24+ and wish to undertake a course at level 3 or above you could take out a 19+ learning loan. You’ll only repay when your income is over £511 a week or £2,214 a month
  • If your household income is less than £35,000 per annum you could receive support to help with associated learning costs e.g. books, travel, childcare, laptop and wifi

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Young woman getting her hair styled as an up-do in a salon

Why choose these courses?

Our professional hairdressing and barbering courses take place in working salons within our centres. Whilst learning new skills, you will be introduced to the importance of customer service, client interaction and how to run a successful professional salon.

  • professional salon experience
  • practise on real-life clients
  • learn innovative techniques
  • be inspired by those around you
  • retrain at any age
  • funding for these courses could be available

Hair and beauty - Man having his hair cut

Who are these courses for?

  • Those wishing to work in the Hairdressing Industry – enable learners to seek employment within a professional salon.
  • Learners would benefit from a salon placement to get workplace experience within a salon environment whilst working towards the Level 2 qualification, either on a paid or voluntary basis.


Do I need previous experience?

  • It is advantageous for learners to have some previous experience of Hairdressing/Barbering techniques such as an introductory level course before embarking on Level 2
  • Learners need to hold a Level 2 qualification before progressing to a Level 3 Diploma
  • It is recommended that learners hold at least GCSEs at grade A to C or the equivalent
Hair and beauty - Wavy Rainbow Hair

Learning on these courses

  • Practical skills necessary to demonstrate a professional approach in the workplace including the need for appropriate communication and good working relationship with clients and colleagues
  • Working in the hair industry and salon reception duties
  • Maintain health & safety in the salon Consultation
  • Support for colleagues on hair services
  • Cut women’s’ hair to create a variety of looks Shampoo and condition the hair and scalp
  • Style and dress hair using a variety of techniques
  • Colour and lighten the hair to create a variety of looks
  • Perm hair to create a variety of looks
  • Creative Hairdressing Design Skills
  • Colour Correction

Your tutor will use a number of different teaching methods to develop your skills.

  • A wide range of authentic materials
  • Individual study
  • Working in pairs/group activities
  • Include the use of video/audio
  • You will also have the opportunity to use online learning technologies to develop your skills.
  • Progression and Achievement will be monitored by the course tutor, and reviewed with the learner at identified intervals
  • The learner will be responsible for their Record of Assessment Log Book which is part of the evidence required for the qualification
  • Ongoing internal assessment and feedback of assignments
  • Feedback and action planning of practical skills
  • Regular tutorials
  • Learners wishing to obtain the full qualification should be able to show a high attendance record and be able to demonstrate successful achievement of the related skills
  • Internal Verification and External Moderation takes place at intervals throughout the course

Learners must be prepared to set aside additional time for the practice of techniques and skills

  • Practice on family and friends
  • Completion of essential theory and home assignments via ILT research, reading and revision of approximately 10 hours per week

The basic starter kit will be included within the course fees, and will be given to you on day one of the course. Please note it is your responsibility to replace any items of the kit that become unusable or lost.

Learners will be required to purchase the following items

  • 2 black hand towels Tunic & Trousers (approximate cost £20 per item) and worn with own black shoes. Leggings are permitted only with the longer line tunics.
  • On line assessment re-sit fees may be applied in accordance with current Awarding Organisation guidelines at the time.

Learners will be able to seek employment in:

  • Salons
  • Health spas
  • Cruise ships
  • Start your own business
  • Mobile hairdressing

The tutor will also advise on course progression within ACL and to Further Education opportunities. Barbering courses are available as progression.

Beauty Rooms & Complementary Therapies

Courses and locations

We offer Hairdressing & Barbering at locations across Essex:

  • Non-accredited creative courses for all levels that take place all over Essex
  • Level 2 and 3 Barbering courses take place at Brentwood and Colchester
  • Level 2 and 3 Hairdressing courses take place at Brentwood, Colchester and Witham (New Rickstones)

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Before you can enrol on a Level 2 or 3 hairdressing & barbering course, we will meet with you to complete an assessment and discuss which course is most suitable. Assessments can be booked by calling 0345 603 7635.

Further details, including course information sheets, are available through the following list of Hairdressing & Barbering including courses which do not lead to a qualification.

We are happy to provide you with more information before you make a decision. Fill out the contact form below and one of our tutors will get back to you.