Programmes are suitable if you’re leaving school or college, looking for a change of career or already in work but requiring new skills to support a promotion or change of job role.

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Why start an Apprenticeship?

There are many reasons why someone might want to start an apprenticeship such as:

  • Recently started in a new job role
  • Looking to improve skills in current job role
  • Earn a wage whilst also learning
  • Gain a qualification while working
  • Gain the skills to go onto a higher level job role

Recently started a new job role

If you are just starting out in the workplace or looking to change career paths, an apprenticeship might be a good way to learn new skills.

Looking to upskill in current role

An apprenticeship can be a good way to improve your skills in your current job role, you can enrol on an apprenticeship at ACL even if you are already employed.

Earn and learn

All apprentices will earn the minimum apprenticeship wage although some may earn higher, for example those who are looking to enrol onto an apprenticeship with their current employer, the minimum apprentice wage does not apply.

Gain a qualification while working

An apprenticeship allows you to earn a qualification while you work. These can range from level 2 up to degree level.

Gain the skills for a higher level role

An apprenticeship can help you to gain the skills for a higher level role, for example if you are becoming a manager or want to earn a promotion.

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