Family Learning – Surviving as a Family

Father helping his daughter with maths homework

Course Aims:

Develop strategies and tools to eat healthily, maintain boundaries with technology, behaviour and tips to survive as a family.

Mother helping her daughter with maths homework

Course includes:

  • Surviving Holidays
  • Family Survival of Home Schooling
  • How much is too much tech?
  • E-safety
Dad helping his son with maths homework

Key information:

  • Surviving Holidays
    Parenting is not an easy task at the best of time but school holidays always make it that little bit harder. Are you worried how you keep them entertained for the holiday time? Are you concerned how they will cope? This workshop will explore all of the above and give you a chance to talk to parents in a similar position.
  • Family Survival of Homeschooling
    We have had our children at home for a long period of time now and they may now be getting ready to return to school. You may have decided to re-think and now keep your child at home. This workshop will give you the chance to discuss with other families the issue you are facing and share ideas. The tutor will give you top tips to make this experience better for everyone.
  • How much is too much tech?
    Are you finding that your children are using technology more due to this current situation.? Are you worried about how much time they are spending online? Do you know what they are doing online? This workshop will give you tips on how to limit/set boundaries and negotiate how much technology your children will be using.
  • E-safety
    This workshop will give you an insight in to online safety hints and tips. We will explore what the internet has to offer for you and your family but also how to make sure you are all kept safe online.
Teacher showing schoolchildren how to use a tablet

What to do next

If there are specific topics or ideas that you would like to see us deliver then please do email Melissa Williamson ( or Zoe Mallett ( We have a wealth of expertise and knowledge in our team of trained professionals, and welcome opportunities to develop workshops that are based on need.