ACL Pre-schools & Nurseries Funding Information

Are you attending a course and looking for childcare during your lessons? We have ofsted registered pre-schools, that care for children aged 3 month – 5 years old. Our nurseries are open to learners attending courses, and the local community. You may even be able to receive funding to pay for childcare.

Additional Funding Information

Are you Attending a Class at ACL ?

You can apply for help from the funds mentioned below if you are 19+ as at 31ST  August 2020.

  • Discretionary Learner Support Fund (DLSF)
  • Advanced Learner Loan Bursary Fund
  • Community Learning Bursary Fund


The funds can help you with the cost of Childcare

Financial assistance with childcare is available for the timetabled hours of your course.  To claim support, you must be using an Ofsted registered childcare provider and not be in receipt of Childcare support from any other Agency.


Payments for childcare will be based on your attendance and excludes childcare costs outside term time.  If you withdraw from the course or have payments stopped due to poor attendance, you will be responsible for the payment of outstanding fees to the childcare provider.


If your application is to cover costs for 3 children or more, this will be reviewed by the DLSF panel and support will be given where budget allows. Please note that Early Years Education Entitlement (EYEE) must be used before making a claim for assistance with childcare from ACL.


Childcare will not pay:

  • For Christmas, Easter and Summer holiday periods and periods of half term.
  • Deposits, retainers or to make advance payments.
  • If the learner changes the number of days or hours their child attends their childcare provider and fails to inform the College Childcare Administrator.
  • Food for your child.


ACL reserves the right to cap childcare fees if they are considered to be excessive. Funds are capped and allocated at the discretion of the ACL Support Fund administrators, in line with current policy.  The funds are limited, and applications received when the fund is low or exhausted may be refused childcare funding. ACL reserves the right to alter or amend the childcare funding policy at any time. Applications will be dealt with on a strict date received basis and dependent on all paperwork being fully completed with all the required accompanying documentation. Incomplete applications will be returned to learners.


Eligibility does not mean an entitlement and no guarantee can be given that funds will be available when you apply.  If there is a high demand on the funds, awards may be given at a reduced rate


For more information on Childcare support when attending class’s follow the link;