Family Learning – Maths

Father helping his daughter with maths homework

Course Aims

  • to gain an understanding of the Maths language and methods that children
    are learning in school
  • to improve parents’/carers’ ability to support children’s learning and
  • to improve parents’/carers’ own skills and knowledge
Mother helping her daughter with maths homework

Course content will include: (depending on appropriate Key Skills)

  • how to develop early maths skills through games, songs and activities
  • Maths vocabulary
  • place value
  • mental Maths
  • number line and number bonds
  • addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies
  • problem solving
  • fractions, percentages and decimals
  • shape, position and simple geometry
Dad helping his son with maths homework

Key information

Age – 0 – 11

Length – Minimum of 8 hours

Delivery Model – Partly joint or adult only

Teacher showing schoolchildren how to use a tablet

What to do next

For more information about Family Learning courses running across Essex, please call Zoe Mallett (North) 03330 321372 or Melissa Williamson (South) on 03330 321597