The Covid-19 pandemic has changed not only the habits of work, but also those of leisure. Having spent more time at home for much of the past two years, we have all shown a renewed enthusiasm for reading and book buying. More than 200 million print books were sold in Britain in 2020 – worth £6.4 billion. The familiar pleasure of turning the pages of a book have not been replaced by screens. Thank goodness. The old-fashioned technology of the written word is the entertainment of the age – and for all ages. Let’s get Essex reading – in every family, every business, every community.

Lifelong learning with ACL Essex

Many people who have poor literacy skills have had poor experiences in education or have not had the support available before, ACL offers a positive environment with the dedicated support of our tutors to give you the learning experience you deserve. Improving literacy skills can have many benefits, improved confidence, shared experiences with your children, and improved communication skills in all areas of life. It can be very difficult to take that first step to reach out for support – but you’re not alone and ACL is here for you. Those who have not gained a GCSE C grade could received a fully funded course.

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Our Courses

English Courses

Whether applying for a job, helping children with their homework or just reading a newspaper or online article. Our free* English courses will help to blow away the cobwebs, improve your confidence and gain a qualification. 

ESOL Courses

For Speakers of Other Languages, these courses will help you to develop your English skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening to gain a qualification and to become functional in your everyday lives and work.

Family Learning English

Understanding of the different subjects’ children are learning at school. With experienced tutor support, they also aim to improve parents’ or carers’ ability to support children’s learning and development.

10 Signs Someone Finds English Difficult

Illegible Writing

Writing is illegible or very childlike.

Spelling Problems

Says they are rubbish at spelling, or you notice several spelling errors or mixed letters.

Writing Worries

Worries about writing a covering letter or email and is uncertain about commas and other punctuation.

Difficulties Pronouncing

Has difficulty pronouncing long or complex words – names of places etc.

Work Not Completed

Never completes forms/documents/reading books/journals

Poor Vocabulary

Feels that everyone else has a better vocabulary or knows better words to use.

Often Find Excuses

Often finds excuses to read material at home, or says they haven’t brought their glasses, or that they don’t like reading out loud.

Difficulty Expressing Ideas

Has difficulty expressing simple ideas or abstract concepts. Prefers to memorise information rather than write it down.

Struggled at School

Says they were never good at English at school.

Asking for Support

Asks a friend to summarise/read things for them or asks for visual instructions rather than written

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