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Volunteers not only contribute a great deal of time at St Helena but bring skills, interests and individual experiences to the patients. There are over 1,100 volunteers filling more than 50 roles, so there is bound to be something to suit everyone.

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Volunteers come from all walks of life and commitment, reliability, common sense and flexibility are just some of the qualities which are needed.

Some, but not all roles which volunteers carry out, will bring them into direct contact with patients or their families. Satisfaction in volunteering is all about matching skills, interest, passions and personality with available opportunities.


Why do people volunteer?

There are many reasons why people choose to get involved. These are just a few:

  • To support the hospice’s work
  • To do something unusual and inspiring
  • To meet people and make new friends
  • To learn new skills and improve their CV


Skills Pathway

St Helena volunteers are eligible to enrol in our Skills Pathway, an evidence based learning program which demonstrates that a volunteer has attained certain skills, experience and knowledge within their volunteer role for which they receive a certificate at the end of 12 months. The Skills Pathway is not an accreditation or qualification, but has many benefits which can boost your CV.

Some of the benefits of obtaining the Skills Pathway certificate are: –

  • Gain experience and learn new skills that will be beneficial in the workplace
  • Build confidence and develop interpersonal skills
  • Boost your CV and stand out to potential employers
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn and progress your career
  • Take pride in knowing that you’ve used your time to help other people

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Contact Form

The enquiry form will be sent to our Supported Learning team who will support you to enrol on courses to meet your employment goals. Please only fill this form in if you have a learning disability and/or autism. If you do not have a learning disability and/or autism, please click here to email our working lives team.