These courses will help you to settle in the UK, gain employment, progress onto other training courses or just be more confident in communicating with other people.

About Our ESOL Courses

I wanted to say again BIG THANK YOU for all you have done for us. I am happy I have passed all the exams. I look forward to start the IELTS course and hopefully will meet you then again.
You helped me a lot, maybe you don’t know how much. But this way of teaching was essential to my growth. You know how to humanize your work, with affection you teach your students, and that is your differential.
I’ve begun the Uni in Padova in October, an English course about food and wine. I’ve passed successfully all exams of the first semester and I have to say that thanks to school and the general experience up there I’ve reached an English level never thought!
I am so glad to hear that my writing skills have improved. It gives me motivation to continue studying English. Attending your class helped me a lot and I can’t thank you enough.

Why Choose an ESOL Course?

There are many different reasons someone might want to learn English as a speaker of another language, such as:

  • Learn essential English language skills
  • Feel more confident interacting in English
  • Open more career opportunities
  • Prepare for higher education
  • Help your memory to grow
  • Help your children with their schoolwork

Learn essential English language skills

Learn essential English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills on our ESOL courses.

Feel more confident interacting in English

Gain more confidence using English as you practice your skills on one of our courses, including group work.

Open more career opportunities

Learning English can help you to open up more career opportunities and having a second language can also make your CV stand out.

Prepare for higher education

Learning English can help to prepare you for higher education as well as the workplace.

Help your memory to grow

You can help to improve your memory by learning a second language, this can help you in many ways.

But Why Learn at ACL?

We know we’re not the only provider with these types of courses in Essex but here’s why we think you should choose us:

We Only Teach Adults

We teach a wide range of ages from 19+ come to learn with us, there is no upper age limit!

Our Courses Could Be Free

We have many free ESOL courses for you at a range of levels, we can also offer funding support if needed for our qualifications.

Centres Across Essex

We have centres all across Essex, so wherever you are there will be a centre close to you. There are also lots of opportunities to learn online if you prefer.

Rated "Good" by Ofsted

We have been rated good by Ofsted and are constantly improving so we know that we can give you the best learning experience.

Progression Opportunities

With our wide range of courses from learning the basic skills up to advanced English language skills there are a range of ways you can progress.

First Class Tutors & Resources

We only hire the best tutors to give you the best learning experience possible. We make sure all our resources are up to date with the latest information and accessible to everyone.

No Experience Needed

You don’t need any experience of English to start off on our courses, we will teach you from the very beginning.

Find the Right Level for You

We use pre course assessments to make sure you are enrolled onto the best level based on your current skills.

Very Positive Learner Feedback

We regularly ask our learners for feedback to see what we are doing well and how we can improve, so far we have got some very positive feedback.

Opportunities to Learn Online

If you don’t want to travel to a centre to learn we also have lots of online courses for you to sign up to.

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