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Why choose this course?

These FREE ONLINE workshops will help you if you are unemployed or unhappy in your job. Each session is tailored to your needs and individual circumstances and will help you to gain confidence, self-belief and new skills.

  • build your confidence
  • set your direction and job goals
  • CV MOT (with National Careers Service)
  • skills analyse
  • job search and application techniques
  • improving your motivation
  • powerful cover letters
  • top tips for interviews

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Something holding you back from you getting your dream job, or developing in your current role? Our series of workshops help you to improve motivation, self confidence, and understand your strengths, so that the next time opportunities arise, you can take full advantage of them! You can book multiple courses or individual ones necessary to your development.

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  • Staying Positive and Practical Tips Whilst Online
    Saying well and creating a positive ‘YOU’ online is a 2 hour course designed for absolutely anyone that uses technology from home. Whether you are studying, working , volunteering or using it in everyday situations we will look at what kind of devices people are using and what are the benefits and barriers as we become more and more dependent on it.


  • Exploring Your Transferable Skills
    During these uncertain times we are being challenged, more than ever, to be adaptable and think outside the box. This workshop will help you connect to your own unique skills set and guide you through a process of discovering new alternatives that reflect where you are now and where you would like to go work-wise, or with volunteering or other projects.You have more skills than you know ! This is your chance to identify your unique skills set and areas you want to develop, learn how to transfer your current skills to other areas of work/ volunteering/projects and develop a mindset of confidence of I CAN with evidence from your own skills set and personal experience.


  • Goal Setting the SMART Way
    This workshop will develop your skills to be able to create a SMART goal to give you confidence and a renewed sense of purpose, top tips and easy to follow worksheet that you can adapt for each opportunity in your employability journey.
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How to enrol

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