We offer a space to explore new ways to improve your wellbeing and gain valuable tools to help you navigate your daily life. Our courses help you to understand the effects of nutrition on your wellbeing, manage anxiety, learn techniques on mindful thinking, and will guide you on your journey of personal development. Our expert tutors will be there with you every step of the way for guidance and support.

To participate in these courses, learners will need a laptop or PC with webcam and microphone, internet connection with Google Chrome browser, an email address and be able to access websites.These courses are only available for residents who live or work within Essex. 

Mental Health & wellbeing - yoga by a scenic lake

Mental Health Recovery and Wellbeing courses

We’ve launched a series of FREE online courses to support your wellbeing and mental health.  All courses are delivered in Live virtual classrooms where you can connect with other learners and supported by experienced tutors. All courses are available all year round –  if you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us.

  • Building Self Confidence
  • Goal Setting For Wellbeing
  • Health And Wellbeing
  • Introduction To Building Resilience
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Managing Sleep For Wellbeing
  • Positive Thinking For Stress Reduction
  • Reducing Anxiety And Staying Healthy
  • Self-Care For Resilience
  • Self-Care for Carers

Our Mental Health curriculum is funded by Essex County Council to support its residents to improve their wellbeing. To be eligible for these courses you must reside or work within Essex.

Personal Development courses

Mental Health and wellbeing - Man in a cap outside

Accessing Your Intuition

What if there was a part of you that you could access at any time to give you wisdom and guidance through life, from the smallest to the biggest decisions, directions and dilemmas? In this exciting two part course, we will explore strategies for building up greater access to your intuition.

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Boundaries & Assertiveness

Do you find it difficult to say no? Or have a habit of placing other people’s needs before your own? Do you sometimes struggle to get a sense of self and communicate openly with people while keeping healthy boundaries? This is your chance to learn tried and tested strategies to communicate more confidently and effectively and develop your own communication style with respect to yourself as well as others.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Beginners

You will learn concepts and basic techniques in cognitive behavioural therapy and gain an understanding of how CBT can be used to support mental health.

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Find Direction & Purpose

An exploration for those who wish to discover a deeper meaning in everyday life and who wish to reconnect with a stronger sense of purpose and direction to act as a guide through uncertain times. Gain a deeper understanding of what inspires and motivates you in life and get clarity on where you want to put your energies for a more fulfilling future.

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Mental Health & wellbeing - yoga by a scenic lake

Healing Our Minds & Emotions

The journey of healing is an ongoing one, as we learn to let go of the past and engage in practices that enable us to move forward with increased energy levels, greater peace of mind and focus. This course offers a range of techniques to soothe the mind and deal with difficult emotions.

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Reading a book by a tree outside - mental health awareness

Nutrition for Healthy Body & Mind

Understand how nutrition affects body and mind wellbeing, learn about nutrients and the digestive system, learn how to make better food choices and enjoy a healthy balanced diet to feel better and live well. To participate in this course, you will need a laptop or PC with webcam and microphone, internet connection, an email address and be able to access websites.

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Personal Development: Be the best you

Imagine having a physical space away from your day to day life, once a week, to step back, review your life’s journey, take stock, reflect, gain insights and identify new ways forward for yourself with a group of like-minded people. The personal development group will provide a space to explore, gain tools and inspiration for application to everyday life and its challenges, as well as your own deeper personal journey.

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Mental Health and wellbeing - Man in a cap outside

Rebalancing Your Act

Discover balance in a chaotic world, learn helpful strategies for creating work/life balance. This course will benefit those who wish to create a more balanced everyday life and who want to gain perspective over tasks that may feel overwhelming.

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Community & Family Learning Wellbeing Courses

If you are a parent, we also offer Wellbeing classes as part of our Community & Family Learning Programme. These sessions are an opportunity to have guided support and tips on keeping your children emotionally well. You will also develop mindfulness strategies and tools with your family, alongside finding time as a parent to look after your needs.


I have gained a sense of a small community with all of you.

I am going to make myself a care plan, i will continue setting myself achievable goals and the importance of looking after myself.

I have learnt the importance of maintaining a work life balance, to make time for meditation and to take care of myself, and the benefits of a self care plan/approach and a healthy diet. Thank you!

I thought the tutors were knowledgeable and I was able to make small but significant changes in my resilience and self care. People were friendly and respectful, and I felt very safe and free to share.

I found the course really broad as well which was great – I have gained a lot. It’s been a kind of support mechanism, and encouraged me to move forward with little valuable steps my resilience.

This course was amazing and I would recommend to anyone. It has helped me at a really tricky time in my life. Thank you

I feel that the course helped me to cope with the lockdown. I feel more self aware than before and better able to recognise and deal with my own negative thinking patterns. I enjoyed learning new strategies for dealing with unhelpful thinking styles such as by using mindfulness techniques. I have started to keep a journal of positive thoughts and things that I am grateful for and this has helped to improve my mood before bedtime and led to me getting a more restful night’s sleep. The teachers were very good at explaining things and gave learners helpful individual feedback. I liked the useful resources, inspirational quotes and images which I was able to draw upon when I felt anxious. I also thought the teachers made good use of metaphors, particularly the garden metaphor, to convey some of the key messages of the course. Thank you.

I learnt more about myself, the questions you ask are great at provoking thoughts.