Mental Health & Wellbeing Courses

We offer a space to explore new ways to improve your wellbeing and gain valuable tools to help you navigate your daily life. Our courses help you to understand the effects of nutrition on your wellbeing, manage anxiety, learn techniques on mindful thinking, and will guide you on your journey of personal development. Our expert tutors will be there with you every step of the way for guidance and support.

To participate in these courses, learners will need a laptop or PC with webcam and microphone, internet connection with Google Chrome browser, an email address and be able to access websites.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Beginners

You will learn concepts and basic techniques in cognitive behavioural therapy and gain an understanding of how CBT can be used to support mental health.

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Improving Health & Wellbeing

As well as helping to unlock your hidden talents, we are also here to support you! Our mental health and wellbeing courses have been developed to help you through whatever challenges life currently brings.

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Building Self Confidence 

This course is online and offers an introduction to strategies to help build self-confidence, looking at self-awareness, assertiveness, negotiation and personal skills.

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Life Coaching Skills

An ideal route if you want to improve your personal performance whether this is for home or work life. This course provides an introduction to a range of practical tools and strategies such as how to be an effective listener; effective communicator that supports building healthy rapport and relationships with people along with a deeper self-awareness.

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Managing Anxiety

You will be encouraged to practice techniques in everyday life, to help develop personal strategies to manage your anxiety.

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Mental Health

Mindfulness, Meditation and Creativity

Learn techniques of mindfulness, meditation, and creative exercises to become more aware of yourself and others. You will also learn how you can express yourself creatively. Exploring different aspects during these courses will provide you with a range of tools that can lead to a greater sense of wellbeing.

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Nutrition Health Body & Mind

Understand how nutrition affects body and mind wellbeing, learn about nutrients and the digestive system, learn how to make better food choices and enjoy a healthy balanced diet to feel better and live well.

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Building Resilience

This workshop offers an introduction to developing our self-resilience. It will look at identifying what resilience is, what the characteristics of a resilient person are, the benefits of practicing resilience in our day to day interactions and offers an introduction to strategies and tools to help you develop your self-resilience.

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ACL Shorts – Free sessions

Be inspired and develop your knowledge and skills in these free hour-long sessions, including: Philosophy, Photography, Textiles and Mindfulness – more will be added soon.

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I have gained a sense of a small community with all of you.

I am going to make myself a care plan, i will continue setting myself achievable goals and the importance of looking after myself.

I have learnt the importance of maintaining a work life balance, to make time for meditation and to take care of myself, and the benefits of a self care plan/approach and a healthy diet. Thank you!

I thought the tutors were knowledgeable and I was able to make small but significant changes in my resilience and self care. People were friendly and respectful, and I felt very safe and free to share.

I found the course really broad as well which was great – I have gained a lot. It’s been a kind of support mechanism, and encouraged me to move forward with little valuable steps my resilience.

This course was amazing and I would recommend to anyone. It has helped me at a really tricky time in my life. Thank you

I feel that the course helped me to cope with the lockdown. I feel more self aware than before and better able to recognise and deal with my own negative thinking patterns. I enjoyed learning new strategies for dealing with unhelpful thinking styles such as by using mindfulness techniques. I have started to keep a journal of positive thoughts and things that I am grateful for and this has helped to improve my mood before bedtime and led to me getting a more restful night’s sleep. The teachers were very good at explaining things and gave learners helpful individual feedback. I liked the useful resources, inspirational quotes and images which I was able to draw upon when I felt anxious. I also thought the teachers made good use of metaphors, particularly the garden metaphor, to convey some of the key messages of the course. Thank you.

I learnt more about myself, the questions you ask are great at provoking thoughts.