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We offer free hour-long online sessions to inspire you to pursue a passion, find a new hobby or develop existing skills and knowledge. We will be adding more sessions over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out!

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Adventures in Philosophy

In this short introduction, never before have Indiana Jones, Captain Kirk and a team of Navy Seals been in the same philosophical space. So be ready to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into some exciting thinking as we explore some key issues around how we act in the world with others.

Adventures in Philosophy online 

Mental Health


Take a step out of the everyday and into the calming, relaxing world of mindfulness to truly experience the here and now. Regular practice of mindfulness techniques will help reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and low mood in everyday life and lead to increasing productivity and creativity as tensions reduce, allowing you to be more focussed, calm and able to enjoy and truly experience the current moment in time, at any time.

Mini Mindfulness online


Life of Florence Nightingale

Learn about the history of Florence Nightingale the influence she had on modern healthcare.

Florence Nightingale online


Phone Photography

Make the most of your Smartphone camera with lots of hints and tips so that you are always ready to capture the best image.

Phone Photography online


Pop Art Online

Have some fun with this style of art which began in the 1950s. It is based on simple, bold images of everyday items. Explore yourself using bold and bright colours.

Pop Art online

sis ceramic painting

Textiles Get A Feel For Fabric

If you’re interested in making clothes or getting creative with fabrics then this session will give you a great start. Covering all the basics in understanding how to drape and work with fabrics all ready for the next stage with your sewing and textile projects.

Textiles Get a Feel for Fabric online


The Secret Life of a Tree

If you have an interest in woodcrafts then this is a must for you. Explore the fascinating nature of wood through the lifecycle of a tree and gain a deeper understanding about the structure and properties of this versatile natural resource. Whether for DIY or crafting this will increase your knowledge in handling, shaping and making with wood with useful tips on what to use, what to look for and why.

The Secret Life of a Tree online