Employer and Stakeholder Engagement Policy


Adult Community Learning Senior Leadership Team




· To create a framework for regular and honest employer and stakeholder feedback and involvement

· Engaging with employers, stakeholders and potential employers and stakeholders to gather views that inform future curriculum development and an offer that meets their needs.

· Involving employers and stakeholders in the decision making of the organisation so that they can help to shape the direction of travel for ACL

· Involving employers and stakeholders to ensure that both current and future skills needs are addressed within the county

· Providing employers and stakeholders with the opportunity to co-design provision

· Ensuring that effective activity takes place to engage with employers and stakeholders to increase participation in learning and drive up the skills of the Essex workforce

· Development of productive and longstanding partnerships and collaborations that help drive up quality, participation, and positive outcomes

· Address local and regional employer needs, including the development of Accountability Statements, through the LSIP and bodies that include SELEP



ACL Senior Leadership Team



Commercial Manager



January 2017



May 2023



May 2024



All learners and staff, stakeholders, volunteers, employers, service users and other members of the public.

Stakeholders include strategic partners, funders, third sector organisations, district councils and Essex County Council itself.





All policies to be stored on ComEd Pool/Policies and Strategies.

All policies intended for learners to be available on the VLE within ACL Policies (Learners)

All policies intended for tutors and staff to be available on the VLE within ACL Policies (Staff)


Associated Documents


Apprenticeship Complaints, Compliments and Comments Policy

Customer Complaints, Compliments and Comments Policy

Employer Engagement Process

Learner Engagement Policy


Method of Implementation


Effectiveness of this policy will be monitored through:


· Apprenticeship Reviews

· Employer surveys and feedback

· Employer & Stakeholder forum

· Employer Engagement Officer feedback and account management

· Community Engagement Officer feedback and account management



Employers who are facilitating learners and/or apprentices will be asked to regularly feedback on not only progress of the programme but also their satisfaction with the provision delivered by ACL.


New employers looking to engage with a learning or apprenticeship programme will be required to complete a training needs analysis to best identify their needs and be given opportunity to contribute to content or co-design of the programme


The Employer and Stakeholder forum will collect opinions and views of local employers to help steer ACL provision and provide insight that supports curriculum planning.


An annual survey is sent to all apprenticeship employers to glean views and opinions.


Feedback from stakeholders who use ACL services for their service users and or customers will be collected through annual surveys


Leads for commissioned and project work will glean feedback from regular progress meetings.


All feedback is recorded and collated, and when required fed back to delivery teams



Account Management


All employers hosting apprentices or learners will have a dedicated account manager from the Employer Engagement Team with whom they can contact throughout the programme duration.


There is a dedicated lead for all project and commissioned workstreams. Leads are responsible for ensuring targets and expectations are met


Engagement Activity


The Employer Engagement Team identify potential employers across Essex that may wish to engage in learning or apprenticeship opportunities. This team engage with employers in the following ways:


· Cold calling

· Direct marketing campaigns

· Social media channels e.g., Linked-In

· Employer visits

· Networking events

· Members of business groups including Essex Chamber of Commerce and Essex Wildlife Trust Corporate programme

· Attending Business Expos

· Advertising in business publications

· Live webinars and information events


ACL Managers and Leads are active participants on several Strategic and Operational workforce groups across the county. These include:


· NHS Workforce Strategic Boards

· Essex Anchor Institutions

· Talent for Care

· Digital Inclusion Steering Group

· Green Skills Summits



In addition, there are good links with Essex County Council colleagues in the Employability and Skills Unit, Localities Team, Adult Social Care and Sector Development Team. These relationships enable ACL to gain good insight into skills and demographic needs as defined by employers and sector bodies.


Partnerships exist with the district councils and voluntary sector which further enhance the insight for ACL curriculum.




Supported Learning teams work directly with support services and residential care facilities to ensure that provision is aligned to need.


Community and Family Learning teams are actively involved with various charities and family organisations including schools. They are guided by local need and develop provision according to demographic need.


Employers and stakeholders are invited to be active members of the ACL Strategic Advisory Board to help shape the service from a strategic level.





Lisa Jarentowski

ACL Principal



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