ACL Apprentice Attendance Policy

Apprentice attendance monitoring policy


Service Adult Community Learning (ACL)


Control of document

Adult Community Learning Senior Leadership Team


Policy aims and intentions

To monitor and improve levels of attendance on apprenticeship programmes including those that are centre/employer based and online/remote learning.


We aim to give apprentices the level of support needed to select and complete their apprenticeship programme, ultimately leading to successful completion of their learning aims through the End Point Assessment (EPA) process.  It is important that the service aims to be proactive in monitoring performance in this area.


Responsibility Group

ACL Extended Leadership Team



Date of acceptance

July 2014


Last review date   

June 2023


Next review date

August 2024



All managers, academic and support staff, volunteers, learners and other service users engaged with apprenticeship delivery.  This policy is in addition to the Learner Attendance Policy and Apprentice Attendance Guidance.


Stored location

All policies to be stored on ComEd Pool/Policies and Strategies.

Available on the VLE within ACL Policies (Learners)

Available on the VLE within ACL Policies (Staff)


The Policy

It is the policy of the Service that apprentice attendance is monitored, reviewed and appropriate strategies are implemented to support learner attendance and retention/achievement and success.




Method of Implementation


Attendance is monitored through:

  • E-Registers
  • Observation of Teaching and Learning
  • Tutor records – ACL tutors will keep in regular contact with apprentices
  • Attendance and retention data for all provision including monitoring logging in report from the e-portfolio system, one to on meetings and attendance at taught sessions including maths and English as required
  • Course metrics for Off-Job- Learning on
  • Completion and achievement data for all apprenticeship provision
  • Individual Learning Plans (e-portfolio)
  • Learner feedback
  • Employer feedback (as appropriate)
  • Apprenticeship withdrawal and Break in Learning (BIL) processes
  • Progress Reviews
  • Staff personal development reviews


The Service is committed to equal access to the curriculum for all its apprentices irrespective of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex and sexual orientation or social and economic circumstances.


Learners are expected to:

  • complete at minimum an average of 6 hours per week on their apprenticeship main aim off-job learning for the duration of their planned practical learning in line with their agreed Commitment statement/Training plan.
  • where required to meet Gateway requirements attend maths and/or English learning in line with their delivery plan
  • attend all sessions punctually, arriving prepared and ready for a prompt start
  • inform ACL staff in advance of non-attendance and reasons for this
  • demonstrate consistently high positive attitudes and commitment to their education and/or training.
  • have read the ACL Learner Charter and Apprentice/Learner Handbook
  • set a positive example by treating others with respect and dignity
  • feedback to their tutor or other appropriate member of staff if they feel they are not progressing



Tutors are expected to:

  • follow up apprentice absence after the first non- attendance. If there is a safeguarding concern this should be reported to the Safeguarding and EDI Lead.
  • keep in touch with the apprentices during periods of non-attendance and monitor proposed return to learning
  • make necessary arrangements for learners with additional needs to receive appropriate, and timely support
  • provide additional leaning resources and/or support so that apprentices are not disadvantaged when exceptional circumstances prevent attendance
  • liaise with employers (as appropriate) if apprentices are not attending and put action plans in place for attendance to resume
  • deliver high quality teaching, learning and assessment that motivates and inspires apprentices to attend


If an apprentice continues not to be engaged for four weeks, we will contact the apprentice and the employer to agree timely action plan to move forward. If the non-engagement is for personal, health reasons or the apprentice is transferring to another employer, a Break in Learning will be agreed.


If an apprentice or employer advises that they do not wish for the apprenticeship to continue, or the apprentice has left the workplace (not made redundant), the apprentice will be withdrawn from the programme



Breaks in Learning (Apprentices only)

  • A break in learning can be used for economic reasons, long term sickness, maternity leave, religious trips, etc. In addition, a break in learning up to 12 weeks can be agreed when an apprentice is moving to another employer and the apprenticeship will be continued to be supported
  • The apprentice with the tutor’s agreement can suspend a learning aim while the learner takes a break from learning. This allows the apprentice to continue learning at a later date with the same eligibility that applied when they first started their learning aim.


  • Apprentices will not be funded during a break in learning. Evidence needs to be provided that the learner agrees to return and continue with the same learning aim, otherwise they will be withdrawn from the apprenticeship programme. A break in learning must not be used for short-term absences, such as holidays or short-term illness


In the event of an apprentice returning onto an apprenticeship standard


If an apprentice returns to programme after either a Break in Learning or being withdrawn, a new or amended commitment statement/training plan and apprentice agreement will be completed with a recalculated price (for withdrawn learners).




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