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Group of photography learners

Photography learners celebrate success

This week marks the end of a chapter for a group our learners who have completed their level 2 photography qualification, but also a start to a new one as they look forward to pursuing exciting opportunities going forward. The group hosted an exhibition and delivered their final portfolio presentations which explored their inspirational journey together over the past two years.

Each discussed their love for the subject area and explored how they have built on their knowledge, adopting different styles, whilst using a variety of materials and techniques. What’s more they explored how they have used the course as a springboard to launch businesses and other rewarding opportunities.

Dion, who left the hospitality industry during lockdown, decided to try a beginner course at ACL where her love for photography grew. She now has her own business, Dion Denmark Photography which launched in 2022, specialising in weddings, portraiture, and events. Speaking at the event Dion said, “I didn’t think I was good at arts and crafts, but through the courses I found a creative side in me”. She has completed many shoots over the past year and plans to continue to grow her business.

Sarah, a primary school teacher from Wivenhoe has found the course “completely life-changing”. Her exhibition ‘time and tide wait for no one’, encapsulates the challenge that all photographers face whilst trying to take the ‘perfect’ photo. Sarah’s collection is printed on different materials, metal, wood, acrylic and linen, emphasising the connection with the subject and enhancing shapes, patterns and textures. Sarah plans to have her nature inspired collection displayed in more galleries with prints available to buy.

Bradley Quinlan is a creative photographer who leaves realism to others; revelling in the surreal, vivid, and fantastic. Having studied psychotherapy, Bradley’s work is often centered around themes of identity and the fragility of self-image.

Learners have also specialised in maternity shoots, studio toy and cinematic photography, using AI to create stunning designs to name a few.

Speaking at their exhibition our learners shared their thanks for their tutor, Judy, “Thank you for everything you’ve done, it has been transformational.”

We would like to congratulate them on all they have achieved. We hope to share more of their stories and photography over the coming weeks.

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