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Have you visited our Skills Hubs?

The Skills Hubs are a place for you to undertake online courses in a facilitated environment.

If you are not confident using technology, such as computers or any devices, our Skills Hub team can provide you with support. The hubs are also available to people that want to learn online but not at home, providing an opportunity to access a classroom environment with others.

We recently received some lovely feedback from learners who visited our hubs:

Michelle Marter

I had previously only used a Mac and never used a PC and wanted to learn more how to use Word and Excel. I was so nervous, literally shaking at that idea of attending an IT course. This course has been so good, I have learned how to use Word PowerPoint and I was so frightened to use Excel but found that it was easier to use out of all of them and enjoy using it the most. I practised at home to ensure that it would stay in my head. The class was so friendly and everyone was so helpful.

Sarah Ashby

More confident using digital skills – so much so that I gained employment in office administration in the latter part of the course – initially I came into the skills hub every week once a week to practise which gave me the confidence  to succeed on this course.  Aimee was a godsend any question I had she patiently showed me how to do it.  The group has been lovely – so much help and information from girls on the desk to the tutor.  Feel sad that it is finishing 3 months is a long time! I have always worked in office work, but I really struggled with saving and filing documents I have now nailed it…it took a while but it makes sense now.  I can do my job role so much more confidently than before, I am not so scared.

Valrie Robinson

I am now confident using Microsoft apps on my own this has benefited me hugely because I am going to Harlow College in September to do an Access to Nursing qualification. I found Catherine very help when upskilling myself for IT.

Teresa Taylor

The class was brilliant it gave me confidence – for example I couldn’t copy and paste before I started this course. I came in to the Skills Hub 3 times a week, it gave me the opportunity to practise and Aimee really supported me going through some of the stuff I learned with Catherine to practise over and over. It takes me a while to grasp things so this really helped me. I got the award for sending the most emails with  homework to Catherine ? I made friends too. I am unemployed and this has given me something to focus on. I did the test this morning and found it challenging, fingers crossed it’s a pass!
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