You Can

The You Can programme is a FREE informative and supportive course for people living in Tendring who want to find out more about the range of careers available in the Health & Care sector.

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About the course

This short, 5-module course will give you practical information and insight into the many different jobs currently available in the Health & Care sectors.  It will also provide you with the key skills needed in your job search, career pathways and qualifications advice, and information about how to access the different jobs and other development opportunities available in the local area.  The final session will be a one to one where you will receive personal advice and support for your new start.

There are no entry requirements other than a genuine interest in wanting to work in the Health and Care sectors.

This is a virtual course so all you need is a suitable device with internet access and you are encouraged to access this from a quiet location.  At the start of each session you will be greeted with an online tutor who will help you to identify your strengths and transferable skills, develop your confidence and ability to communicate in a work setting as well as the key tools you will need to apply for further training and employment opportunities.   There will also be dedicated sessions that will provide an overview of working in the Health and Care sectors, which will include the direct experiences of current healthcare professionals.


How long is the course?

There are six sessions and each session will take no more than two hours. The course will take approximately 3 weeks to complete.

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What will I learn?

Tendring Health & Care Academy – an overview of the twice weekly, two hours sessions over the next three weeks:

  • Welcome to the course. Overview and mutual expectations
  • How did we get here? Introductions focussing on what skills learners would like to develop.
  • Focus on what a confident person looks like – this could be a discussion – note taking
  • Mood/vision board – take ideas about confidence and put them together
  • What skills do confident people have?
  • Reflection – what have I learned about myself today?
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Resilience – share a time when you were resilient- discussion
  • Personality quiz.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? When is a strength a weakness and vice versa?
  • How might your strengths and weaknesses be useful in a future job role?
  • Look at work language – draft a personal statement
  • Reflection – what have I learned about myself today?
  • Goal Setting
  • Why have a goal?
  • What does a good goal look like for you?
  • SMART targets – looking the small steps that mean big progress.
  • What to do if you fail. The power of ‘yet’. What do we learn from failure?
  • Revisit mood/vision board – can we make these goals?
  • Revisit personal statement.
  • Reflection – what have I learned about myself today?

Job roles in social care:

  • Career Planning
  • What has been your experience so far?
  • What does/doesn’t count for work experience?
  • What career pathways have you thought about before?
  • Apprenticeships and voluntary work.
  • Jobs in the caring sector/NHS
  • Reflection – what have I learned about myself today?

Job roles in NHS:

  • NHS Roles and progression
  • Overview of various roles entry and progression areas
  • Discussion of own starting points and what options may be available to you in the future.
  • Reflection – what have I learned about myself today?
  • IAG Session – Reflection

How to enrol

Please complete the following form. A member of our team will contact you within 10 working days.