You Can is a free course designed for the residents of Clacton and Harlow to learn more about working in the public sector. Leaners will gain an understanding of what the public sector is, what jobs and opportunities are available, what skills are transferable and reflecting this onto a CV as well as a personal advice and support to help plan next steps.

What Will I Learn?

Session 1

This session will cover what the public sector is, what is it like to work in the public sector and hear from current employees on their experience. The National Careers Service will look at what transferable skills are, embed your transferable skills in an application form, an interview and onto your CV. This session will explore who you are, where you’d like to go and what pathways are available to you.

Session 2

This session will improve your digital skills and explore the different jobs and opportunities available in the public sector. We will look at busting some myths around working in the public sector and have a discussion around apprenticeships.

Session 3

You will receive personal advice and support for your new start. Dolor lobortis dui faucibus facilisis dictumst suscipit per convallis luctus non. Mattis nonummy tincidunt ridiculus rutrum consectetuer nullam maecenas molestie cras tristique iaculis duis nam est.

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