Safeguarding is part of our statutory duties as an education provider. The mandatory training will give you the information you need to recognise when there is a safeguarding concern and know how to respond.

If you have any questions relating to the content below or safeguarding, please contact Jill Newton or Klaudia Ratajczak.

Keeping Children Safe in Education


This is the Statutory guidance for schools and Colleges – Must be read yearly by all ACL staff: Keeping Children Safe in Education Part 1



MyConcern is the software programme ACL uses which enables you to report any safeguarding concern.

When you started with us you should have received an email which allows you to set up your password and access the system. If not, please email

A link to the MyConcern site: can be found on all computers in the classroom, or you can scan the QR code.

If a learner wants to raise a concern, whist working remotely and is unable to speak to a staff member there should be a link in all course areas to an online form Learner safeguarding form. Learners working remotely should be made aware of this.

Mandatory Training

Safeguarding training

Prevent training is mandatory for new members of staff as part of their induction. Klaudia, Safeguarding and EDI Officer, will send through details on how to complete this training.

  • When you click on the link, please click ‘Start a new Training Session’ (we are already registered as an organisation, please don’t register us again)
  • On the next page click on ‘I am learning as part of a registered organisation’
  • If you need to leave the training you need to make a note of your Attempt ID and when you go back in enter this on the first page under where it says: to resume a previous session enter your Attempt ID below.
  • Your attempt ID will appear when you click on the blue button saying ‘Save Progress’ on the top right of the module page. This is vital to going back into the course and advised to write this down when you access the course.

Here is the link to the training and enter the following PIN code: 417362

Please send the certificate to or contact her if you’re having any issues.

This training is required every two year. To enrol on this training please contact

Complete the training here. You must use your ECC staff email address to log in.

There are two modules to complete:

You must use your ECC staff email address to log in.

Safeguarding newsletters


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